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Salon Promotions X Green Salon Collective Collaboration

Salon Promotions X Green Salon Collective Collaboration

Salon Promotions and Neal & Wolf are proud to announce a partnership with the Green Salon Collective. The Green Salon Collective is the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland, and we’ll be working closely with them to bring a greener future to all of our salons and continue our commitment to being a company with sustainability at its’ heart.

Recent studies have shown that the UK hairdressing industry recycles just 20% of the plastic it uses, and 99% of hair foils end up in landfill. By partnering with Green Salon Collective you'll be able to recyclable traditionally hard-to-recycle items including hair foils, PPE and even hair!

GSC enables salons to become more sustainable, ethical businesses via their recycling, education & accreditation offerings, and in the space of just their first 6 months (Jul–Dec 2020) they have helped keep the following away from landfill:

  • Recovered over 400 kilograms of hair which will be used towards cleaning our waterways and help with gardening composting projects.
  • Recycled over 2.3 tonnes of used foil and colour tubes.
  • Recovered and recycled over 230 litres of leftover colour and bleach, plus over 200 kilograms of PPE & Plastic.
  • In addition, all of the profits raised from the commodity sale of these recycling processes have helped support local charities such as Haircuts4Homeless, Foodcycle, The Hair & Beauty Charity and other sustainable projects such as tree planting

How does the Green Salon Collective work?

Start by ordering one of the GSC starter packs. These include everything you need to get started including recycling bins, a pre-paid returns box and point of sale for your salon. Once your box is ready for collection contact Green Salon Collective to arrange the collection. Each returns box fit up to 350 clients worth of hair or slightly less in used foil and empty colour tubes into each box.

How much does this cost?

GSC don't charge a subscription fee for this service, however there is a fee for each of the returns boxes you purchase. The cost for these boxes start at £175, but can be cheaper if purchased in bulk. There are also "mini" freelancer sized boxes available for £94.00. To cover the cost of this service GSC suggest adding a "Green Fee" to your services of £1 or £2. Some salons call it an eco-fee or a sustainable fee, but either way, this extra charge covers all future costs of using this service. When surveyed the majority of clients will tell you they are more than happy to pay the extra charge. It’s also a great conversation starter for you to explain to your clients about all the great actions you’re taking with your salon waste.

What else do Green Salon Collective offer?


GSC teach salons that their sustainability is not defined solely by the products they use. Member salons are therefore educated on waste, energy and water consumption, food replacement tips, staff policies and social responsibilities. 


Working with independent sustainability experts, GSC have partnered with The Liminality who are all about getting organisations over the threshold and in the door of true sustainability. Their new accreditation is the first of its type within sustainability that’s now available for all salon owners throughout the UK and Ireland.


GSC member salons gain a huge point of difference over their local salon competitors. A recent poll of current members showed that each salon that joins GSC, gain on average, 3 new clients within the first 1-3 months.

As a Salon Promotions or Neal & Wolf salon you can also get a 15% discount off the Green Salon Collective services using discount code SPL15 so you can become a sustainable salon for even less. Just click the link below to start your sustainably journey, or speak to your account manager.

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