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Maximise profit with the NEW! Olaplex Discovery Kit

Maximise profit with the NEW! Olaplex Discovery Kit

OLAPLEX have launched their NEW! Discovery Kit and we want to help our salons get the most out of this fabulous product! We've pulled together some tips & tricks for you to maximise salon profit and customer loyalty through retailing the Discovery Kit... let's dive in. 

What's inside?


No.3 Hair Perfector™ 30ml

No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask 30ml


No.4 Bond Maintenance® Shampoo 30ml

No.5 Bond Maintenance® Conditioner 30ml

No.4C Bond Maintenance® Clarifying Shampoo 20ml


No.6 Bond Smoother®  20ml

No.7 Bonding Oil™ 30ml

No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum 20ml


What are the benefits of the Discovery Kit?

The kit is a fabulous introduction to OLAPLEX. Unfamiliar brands can be daunting for clients and can feel like a risky investment. The discovery set gives them the chance to experiment with a wide range of the collection with minimal risk.


The stats:

  • Customers are 35% more likely to purchase full size products when they have enjoyed using the samples 3 times at home.
  • After using & enjoying their samples 6 times, they become 70% more likely to purchase these again in the full size.


What about existing customers?

For your clients who are Olaplex fans, they would love a collection of Olaplex minis for when they are travelling or in the gym.


 Existing customers

Top Tips for bringing the kit to life in the salon...

  • Place the Discovery Kit in front of your clients during their service. ‘I love using Olaplex on your hair and I thought this might be a good way for you to try the range at home. I’ll talk you through each product as I use it, so you know what they are’
  • Confidently close the sale when you've finished their hair. ‘I love how soft and shiny the oil and cream have made your hair do you want to take the discovery kit home with you today so you can try the whole collection’
  • Always follow up on their next salon visit.'What did you love in the kit? What did you use up? Was there anything you were unsure how to use?'


Example of a customer’s journey…

Customers Journey


Social media tips:

  • Posting about a new launch once isn’t always enough. Algorithms can be tricky. Pre plan your posts & captions making sure that you use the free analytics to see the times that you have the most followers' active.
  • Don’t be shy to repost your own posts to your stories to keep the conversation going. Offer your clients to ask questions about the range – answer & repost these.
  • Film an unboxing video (This can be a live or pre-recorded) Talk through each product and how to use it. This may not appeal to everyone but there will be someone in your salon that will be excellent at it. Then every client who purchases one from you has a point of reference for how to use it all if they get overwhelmed at home – remember if they don’t use it, they don’t purchase it again!
  • Post 8 days of OLAPLEX Discovery. Spotlighting a different product in the kit each day (but the full-size version). Pin these to your stories so your clients can access whenever they need to.
  • Download your FREE assets here


Utilise your database:

  • Work out a plan of action. If you have a database that collects your clients' emails, then why not use this to excite them about this new launch? Once you have created the social content, we mentioned you can either include this in the email you send around or a link to it.
  • Create FOMO. By sharing that the kit is a limited edition and highlight all the benefits of trialing the range in a discovery kit rather than trialing full size products.
  • Encourage clients to ‘reserve’. Reserving or purchasing their Discovery kit from you ahead of their appointment helps avoid disappointment if they sell out and helps you plan if you will need to order more.


To pre-order your Olaplex Discovery Kit, please call our customer service team on 01282 444 900 for delivery on the 1st of February. Happy Selling!

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  • Wow, the Olaplex Discovery Kit on Salon Promotions is a game-changer! It’s a fantastic way to maximize profit while offering top-notch hair care. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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