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Chelating Treatments: Everything you need to know...

Chelating Treatments: Everything you need to know...

Introducing Olaplex’s newest product launch, Olaplex Chelating Treatment… and we are very excited about it!

What is Olaplex Chelating Treatment?

OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment is a cortex deep purification treatment to remove a wide range of damaging impurities without stripping. A professional-strength, high-potency chelator that deep cleans down to the cortex to remove a wide range of heavy metals, minerals, pollution, chlorine, medications, and product build-up without stripping the hair of its moisture.



Why it works?

Removes surface heavy metals, minerals, chlorine, pollutants, and product build-up. Deep cleanses for brilliantly clean, soft, shiny hair with vibrant clarity, Non-stripping and non-drying.

Why it works


How do heavy metals effect hair?

Scalp, hair and skin have a negative electrical charge. Minerals and oxidisers have a positive charge and therefore attach to the hair like a magnet. The more damaged and porous the hair is, the more the metals attach.

  • Calcium – Leaves hair feeling dry and weighed down, builds up on the scalp blocking the follicle which can lead to thinning hair, hair loss and breakage and gives the appearance of dandruff
  • Lead – Dryness, reduces performance of chemical services
  • Copper - Causes blonde hair to appear greenish, makes hair feel dry and weighed down, prevents chemical services from performing
  • Iron- makes hair feel dry, brittle, and weighed down and effects performance of chemical services. Can make hair appear darker and warmer
  • Magnesium – Dryness, effects performance of chemical services, dullness
  • Chlorine – a harsh oxidiser – chlorine oxidise minerals/metals causing worse effects – Hair feels like straw and sticky when wet, dry, brittle, dull – damages cuticle


Heavy Metals


How to identify heavy metal build up within your client’s hair

There are many signs of heavy metal build-up:

  1. Heat from foils, foils smoking, water substance/residue leaks in foil (chemical reaction)
  2. Colour can fade/discolour quickly or even darken
  3. Colour can looker warmer (iron)
  4. Colour can look greenish/blueish/greyish (copper)
  5. Unpredictable colour results
  6. Mineral smell to the hair
  7. Loss of curl formulation/texture and volume
  8. Dull
  9. Increase in frizz
  10. Dry scalp – Calcium can block follicle causing hair thinning, breakage and minimises growth
  11. Resistant to chemical services such as lightening (difficult to lift), perming
  12. Hair feels coated
  13. Breakage
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