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From KeraStraight to Fabriq...

From KeraStraight to Fabriq...

From KeraStraight to Fabriq...

You must be thinking as KeraStraight regular users within your salon, ‘Fabriq looks intriguing but what about KeraStraight?’ and ‘KeraStraight has been a solid service in my business for months or even years now, how does Fabriq compare?’

The story behind the branding?

Although KeraStraight has so made so many clients literally say ‘I can’t believe this is my hair’, Now there are clients beaming with Fabriq which is more personalized and more advanced with it’s use of proteins and can be used on all hair types.

Fabriq’s founders Jez Barnett and John Hubbard have said in relation to this that “Our aim has always been to give hairdressers a family of treatments and products that create the perfect canvas so that their clients can enjoy their best hair ever. We’ve come a long way since launching our first protein treatment over ten years ago. We can’t wait to embrace this change and dive even deeper into advanced hair repair.”

How does Fabriq leave all hair types?

Strong and healthy

Hair that’s strong on the inside looks and behaves beautifully on the outside.

Easy to style

It’s a joy to work with hair that’s had the Fabriq treatment. Working with healthy hair is a great time saver too.

Soft and shiny

Every day becomes a good hair day and your client’s confidence soars.


How do the products compare to previously?



What is the cost per application for Fabriq?


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