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4 Quick Ways to Boost Profit In Your Salon

4 Quick Ways to Boost Profit In Your Salon

As a hairstylist, your goal is to not only deliver incredible results for your clients, but to also make a significant profit while doing so. Explained below are 4 ways to boost your salon’s profit.

Lapsed Customers:

Although your salon may get a lot of clients, how many of those are regular clients who come back for their regular treatments? It’s important to notice and recognise those customers who haven’t visited in over six months and one of the best way to do this is through exclusive discounts/offers. Not only does this encourage lapsed customers to rebook, it also boost your profits.

Offer Value:

As a hairdresser, you have knowledge and expertise that your clients cannot get online or anywhere else. Ensure your clients know how valuable your services are, and the personalised recommendations you can make for them. This could be through 1-1 consultations, a bespoke recommendation or a salon-exclusive treatment.

Introductory Offer:

Have regular clients who stick to the same treatments each appointment? Why not offer your clients new treatments through introductory offers. For example, if your client currently only books for a wash and blow-dry, you could offer an intense treatment or masque for an extra cost. Not only does this then boost your profits but it allows your client to experience that extra bit of luxury with their appointment. An example of this is as below:

If you purchase an Olaplex Salon Introduction Kit for £195 you can use the products to offer standalone treatments and earn profit up to £10,500 per kit (Based on 525 applications of No.1 in colour @ £0.37p per application, when charging £20 per application).


The biggest tool available to hairdressers that they rarely use is their database. Are you sending your clients effective CRM emails & texts? Samantha Cusick London sent 13 emails over 12 months to her client base and this generated £167,000 additional revenue with appointments & products. 

Top tips for stimulating your clients with CRM email shots

  • Think strategically - what does a client need to know that they can't find on social media?
  • Keep it short & clear to the point
  • Tease them with new launches & excite them with new treatments and services
  • Do not send too many - 1-2 a month is enough!
  • Always include a 'call to action' for example 'book now' or 'reserve your product now'

Below is an email shot example, showing how you can add value to your clients through personalised product recommendations, followed with a clear Call To Action saying 'Shop Now', linking to your online store.

Our preferred platform for email Marketing is Klaviyo, where you can create individual email campaigns or automated flows that send once your clients have joined your mailing list. 

SMS marketing can also boost profits because it allows for direct, personalised communication with your clients, leading to higher engagement and retention rates. Examples of this could be promotional offers, appointment reminders, and exclusive deals.

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