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The Neal & Wolf Christmas Launch Guide for Salons

The Neal & Wolf Christmas Launch Guide for Salons

It's beginning to look a lot like a Neäl & Wølf Christmas!

Christmas has landed and we want to help our salons make this year, their best Christmas EVER!

This guide will help you with:

  • Product information
  • Building excitement
  • The BIG Launch
  • Post inspiration
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Asset links
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Sell-through tips

The Countdown/Product Tease

Building excitement is key to launching any product or new range, and Christmas is no exception.

We recommend posting countdown/teaser images leading up to the launch date.
In posting these, you will be creating curiosity for your clients, enticing them to ask you for more details and encourage engagement in your posts, which will then boost exposure.
Please see our examples, however feel free to create your own! Click here to download!

Christmas Launch Teaser Countdown

Initial Launch

After your countdown you need to complete your main launch on socials.

We recommend posting one main image to launch the product.


Caption Ideas:

'''Introducing Neäl & Wølf Christmas! Now available at *insert salon name* Featuring 6 collections for every hair type and need! PLUS more. #nealandwolf 🎄🎁''

''It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at *insert salon name*! Christmas gifting now available! Featuring 6 Neäl & Wølf collections and MANY more! #nealandwolf 🎄🎁''

Social Post Ideas

Here are some examples of social posts you can use:

  • Individual Gift Set Collections - Show each collection individually, what is included etc
  • Miracle Cracker - Unboxing videos, Golden ticket incentive, miracle benefits
  • Home & Spa - Share what is included in the home & spa range, signature scent
  • Mini Essentials Collections - 3 collections, what is included, each hair type/need
  • Salon Display - Take images/videos of your Christmas Display in salon
  • Get The Look - Use the GTL guide to help upsell, showing the products needed to create the look from home

You are not alone!

We have created lots of content for you to use on your salon's social media platforms!

As and when we upload, we will update the folder to ensure you have all the up-to-date assets.

Click here to download!

Email Marketing

To compliment your social launch it is advised to send out a marketing campaign to all your customers via email. Examples below:

  • Tease/Countdown E-shot - Similar to your social teaser, build excitement around the launch and get customers guessing.
  • Launch E-shot - A great way to get the product in all of your customers inboxes!
  • Information/Deal E-shot - Highlight USP's, share before and afters and encourage customers to pop in an try!

Suggested Email Services : Klaviyo, Mailchimp

Colour Scheme & Font Styles

Themes and set styles help to create consistency throughout your posts, helping your brand/salon become easily recognisable for your clients.

Below are the Neäl & Wølf branding guidelines. You can use these for any/all content, or select your own based on your salon's branding.

POS & Marketing Materials

We have created POS & Marketing Materials for you to use in salon to help promote this years Festive Campaign!

Christmas POS

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