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Silky Has A New Look...

Silky Has A New Look...


New Look. Same Formula. Same Outstanding Performance.

We’re excited to unveil the new look from Silky. Along with this we also have some new and equally as exciting deals to welcome the new look. Take a look at them here

To better represent the modernity and the new positioning of Silky, we present an important revolution of the flagship product: the COLORATION. This new packaging has been created and focused around clean lines, shapes and colours – making for a sleek, stylish finish.

Photo’s of natural spaces and landscapes have been merged with the cleanliness of geometric shapes. A tidy and clean combination inspired by modern art.



Design wasn’t the only thing on Silky’s mind, sustainability and moving with the times was also a very important factor in any changes they made. Here are the steps they've taken to become a more enviromentally friendly brand...



Along with these exciting changes, there have also been some slight changes to the Silky Colour Numbering System.

Let us explain what those changes are…

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