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Money-Saving Hacks: The Salon Guide To Coping with Inflation

Money-Saving Hacks: The Salon Guide To Coping with Inflation

It’s no secret that there have been considerable increases to the costs of energy, water, fuel, and cost of living in general, and we understand that these increases are of considerable concern to our professional customers and distributors.

As you know the Neal & Wolf brand is first and foremost built around supporting hair professionals with amazing products, support, service and education. They want to ensure that every single one of their professional customers & distributors can weather these increases in 2023 and beyond.

This is why, at a time when other brands are increasing their prices, Neal & Wolf have decided to keep their prices the same for 2023. They will continue to absorb rising costs on manufacturing products to minimise the impact on yours and your stylists business.

Neäl & Wølf have lots of exciting changes to showcase over the next year including new products, improvements to existing products and packaging and of course beautiful campaigns and point of sale materials to support salon retail sales.

Neal & Wolf products are competitively priced, think luxury and affordability combined. For those clients that don’t want to spend upwards of £30 for shampoo, this is the brand. Did you know, you can also save up to 50% vs branded alternatives when swapping to Neal & Wolf Professional Colour? Here is our colour calculator where you can see just how much you could save: 

We understand that selling isn’t always easy, sometimes we assume that clients can’t afford or don’t want to add extra costs on top of their service and therefore we won’t attempt to up-sell. It’s important to recognise that you don’t need to be a salesperson to succeed, this can be a very natural and simple process when not over-complicated.

Here are some ways you can implement in-direct selling to your salon…

1. E-Shots

Send an email to all your customers advertising the beautiful products you stock in your salon, ensure to include benefits and why they need to upgrade their routine. People now more than ever are looking to support local businesses, but without knowing what you have available they will shop elsewhere.

Sending professional, beautiful looking emails has never been easier. There are many browser-based email service providers out there to choose from. Most of these:

  • Require little or no coding skills
  • Have pay-as-you-go contracts
  • Are low cost, or even free if you don't have a big contact list
  • Provide comprehensive reports with information on who opened the email, or who clicked a link within it

Please ensure you have your clients consent to send them emails, and that you are complying with GDPR regulations.

Our Top Email Marketing Providers:

  • Klaviyo
  • Hubspot
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact

Did you know that an SMS is 5-times more likely to be read than an email? If you’re not keen on emailing, this is a fantastic option.

2. In-Salon POS

At Salon Promotions we pride ourselves on providing excellent in-salon marketing support. Besides incentive racetracks and guides we also provide posters, tend cards, A6 Product Booklets, postcards, mirror stickers and anything else you can think of. Better still, we can offer most POS FREE as part of a deal – win win!

Our aim with our brand Neal & Wolf is to make selling as simple as possible for stylists, we do this by clearly showing product benefits, brand USP’s, product pricing and stunning imagery to inspire and motivate clients to purchase.

3. Believe in Yourself

Buying online may be convenient, but it doesn’t offer the benefit of in-person advice on what products would work best for your clients individual hair needs and goals. Remember, you are highly-trained and specialised stylists who can cater routines to fit exactly what clients want from their hair. Our Neal & Wolf A6 Discover the Collection brochure features a prescription section that urges clients to ask their stylists to tick the products they need. They can then either purchase them on that day in-salon, or you can then order specific products ready for them to collect at a later date.

There is nobody we trust more with our hair than our stylists, most of the time clients are happy to take on board any product advice and recommendations you can offer.

4. Know Your Products

There is a lot of varying advice and information out there, and it’s not always accurate. Remember to thoroughly research the products you are trying to sell so that when a client asks you, you sound confident and sure of the advice you’re giving.

For example, a very popular misconception is that Olaplex contains Protein. In actual fact, Olaplex contains no protein and it’s impossible for it to cause a protein overload.

We are here to help and have a fantastic team of highly-skilled Educators and Account Managers to offer you training and advice.

Here are the different types of support we offer:

  • Courses in our state of the art Academy
  • Free live events
  • In-salon training
  • Colour users group on Facebook (Neal & Wolf colour support & tips)
  • On-road and in-office Account Managers for all queries and orders

For more information please contact us on 01282 444 900

5. Subtle Selling

How many times do you hear ‘wow that smells amazing’ as you’re washing someone’s hair at the backwash, or applying a styling product at the station? Instead of just agreeing, this is the perfect opportunity to sell the benefits.

Example (Using Miracle at the station): ‘It smells beautiful doesn’t it, this is a multi-benefit blow-dry spray, it’s going to speed up drying time by up to 50% and It’s perfect for your hair because XXX, I have mini samples available for £7.50 if you want to give it a go’

Also, for those clients to do regularly purchase professional products from you such as Olaplex, remember to comment on the improvement of their hair from using these at home. Not only does this make your client feel great about themselves, it highlights that what you’ve sold them is truly working.

6. Setting the Scene

Think of your salon as a spa, it should be a relaxing experience filled with stunning products and equally beautiful scents. Ensure your retail shelves are dust-free and stocked aesthetically with products, include price lists and product guides nearby for clients to help themselves to. One key thing to remember about retail shelves is positioning, don’t place the products you really want to sell on the bottom shelf, instead keep these at clients eye-level when they are sat in your salon chair.

7. Fabriq (Formally known as KeraStraight)

Adding new services such as Fabriq, encourage loyal clients, who will return for services that they cannot get anywhere else. The take-home products will encourage up-sell, therefore higher profits. To learn more about Fabriq and how your salon can benefit please visit our blog post here:

8. Know Your Worth

Clients are more than likely aware and expecting some form of price increase for your services, after all everything is going up. Big brands are increasing their costs, and this is something you should feel no shame in doing too! Add value to your costs such as Olaplex to soften the price increase blow, and encourage clients the worth and benefit behind the products you use. 

9. Switch to EasyDry Towels

Rather than using cotton towels that must be tumble-dried at an extra expense to you, why not try something more sustainable that offers the benefit of being quickly air-dried? Easydry towels are made of a light-weight material that’s soft and gentle on the hair, compared to cotton which can roughen up the cuticle and cause frizz.

10. Olaplex

Last, but certainly not least is Olaplex – the profit you can gain from including Olaplex is astonishing! You could earn up to £375.36 per month simply from selling three litre bottles per week. If you sold 10 litre bottles per week, that’s £16,265.50 of profit in one year!

A simple way to benefit is to start factoring Olaplex into your colour service costs. Many clients simply won’t colour without it, this shows care for the hairs integrity with the benefit of increasing your income.

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