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Professional Support

Olaplex No.0: Your Questions Answered

We love a new product launch at Salon Promotions, and the brand new Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment has got us all really excited! Our team joined the Olaplex education team for an amazing online training session. They also answered many of the questions we've been asked from stylists about this new product.

What is Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment?

Much like skincare and makeup, most products work best with a primer. Eye-shadow sits best and lasts longer when put on top of an eye-shadow primer, and makeup sits better on the face after a solid skincare routine. Think of Olaplex No.0 as the primer to your No.3 treatment. No.0 can certainly works on it's own and will provide repair; however, the product is intended to work as a two-part process. OLAPLEX technology works best when the product is wet in the hair. No.0 is a watery liquid that will dry quickly. Using No.3 over it, keeps the hair damp so both products can continue to work during the process.

Does Olaplex No.0 & No.3 replace the in-salon Stand Alone Olaplex Treatment?

The answer to this is no. It is an additional retail product and a “stand alone treatment” for your client to do at home to maintain optimal results.

Can a client buy Olaplex No.0 if they didn’t have a stand alone treatment?

Absolutely. Whether they had an in salon service or not, Olaplex No.0 is going to help with repairing the hair. Consider offering it as part of your colour correction consultation. Your client can do their Hair Homework and start the repairing process ready for you to start a big colour/bleach appointment. Factor this into your price of a colour correction to ensure the hair will be at at the best it can be.

If a client already uses No.3 why would No.0 benefit them?

No.0 has the same active ingredient that's in Olaplex No.1 (only available in the Intro Kit & Stylist Kit) but less of it. No.0 & No.3 is 68% more powerful than using just No.3 on its own and has been proven to leave the hair 3x stronger than just using No.3 alone.

Can clients sleep with No.0&No.3 in their hair?

Yes, just ensure that you follow the instructions and leave No.0 on the hair for at least 10 minutes before applying No.3. Once they have done this, as long as the hair is secured away from the face in a wrap, then there is no reason why they cannot keep it in overnight.

Will the bonus mini No.3 always be included with the No.0?

No - this is a limited time offer to really drive salon retail sales. It will only be included in the first launch globally.

Each bottle of No.0 contains approximately 4-6 uses, just like the No.3. No.0 is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. It's also: Paraben Free, Phosphate Free, Phthalate Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Aldehydes Free, DEA Free, Aldehydes Free, and Formaldehyde Free.

Toning On The Correct Level – Inside the head of a Hairdresser Part 4

by Lyndsey - Salon Promotions Educator

Finally, the government has spoken - 4th of July Here we come (In England at least - hopefully Scotland and Wales will follow soon!)! After 14 long weeks, we are back in business.

These past 14 weeks has been an absolute roller-coaster. I haven’t had this amount of time off work since I had my girls, so it's been really strange, and amazing, all rolled into one. From struggling with the girls home schooling (which I’m ashamed to say is pretty much non existent at the moment) to motivating them to even get dressed. I’m actually dreading the reality of shortly having to be up, get ready and be out of the house before dinner time ?

Also renovating the house (thank goodness we now have a functioning kitchen, and I no longer have to cook tea on a camping stove on the living room floor)!

I also lost one of the most important people in my life, my amazing Grandma. Having to stay strong in front of the girls and not having the chance to have a duvet day, have a good old cry and feel sorry for myself.

Having said all that, I am so so grateful to have had these past 14 weeks at home with my family. To actually have the time to do some self development. To watch the stack of tutorials I’ve had lined up for months. To try to improve my baking skills ( and I have come to the conclusion that I will never be the next Mary Berry…. Sorry Grandma!) and just simply doing the things that you never actually have time to do, whilst leading a busy life.

For my last blog I wanted to write about the importance of toning on the correct level.

Last week we covered the lightening curve, colour wheel and choosing the correct strength of toner.

A reminder on Neal & Wolf Colour Hair Toners

  • 10.01, 10.02 & 10.89 - 1 part tone (a single shot of gin as we like to think of it)
  • 90.01, 90.02 & 90.73 - 2 part tone (double shot of gin)
  • 99.02 & 99.25 - 3 part tone (triple shot of gin)

The above toners/special mixes are for toning on your lighter levels. They contain no depth. I like to think of these as more of a tinted moisturiser. They are more sheer. But remember Neal & Wolf is a dual system, so anything can be made into a version of a demi. So if you are toning on a level 9 or below (remember your seesaw) you are going to need more of a full cover foundation than tinted moisturiser, so you need to be toning with the core range.

I once got shown a very simple diagram that has always stuck with me, so let me have a go at explaining it.

Let's say for example you have a regular client that, just like me, feels like she’s losing her marbles during lockdown, and fancied a change (I’ve only lost my marbles over Nancy’s school work). Whilst doing her weekly shop she bought herself a colour and is now enjoying her new life as a gorgeous brunette. She has now decided that she would really like a subtle balayage to break up the solid colour. She comes into the salon at the depth of a 5 and her inspiration picture has a soft balayage at a level 8.

I hope I can explain this well without being in front of you……

Depth 10 2 Pigments
Depth 9 4 Pigments
Depth 8 8 Pigments
Depth 7 16 Pigments
Depth 6 32 Pigments
Depth 5 64 Pigments

I visualise, that a depth of a 10 has 2 pigments. As go down throughout the depths, these pigments double.

Our lovely client is sat at level 5, so she currently has 64 warm (red/orange/yellow) pigments. We have lightened her hair to a level 8 and now has 8 yellow pigments.

If we choose a violet toner to neutralise the yellow on the depth of a 10 that only has the strength to neutralise 2 pigments, so we will not neutralise all those 8 pigments that we currently have at a level 8. You will still have 6 warm pigments presents, so it won’t be as cool as her picture and the warmth will start creeping through after a few washes. To fully neutralise you must tone on the same level you have lifted.

I hope that makes sense!

Whilst sat here typing, I did consider jotting down some different formulas for you all, but every client is different. Every head of hair is different. I hate to break it to you, but

There is not one magic formula that fixes all!

There is a very strong possibility that when we return to work on July 4th and we can finally get our hands on our client’s hair, we are going to come across some tricky hurdles. My one piece of advice would be to follow the steps, take your time and consider everything.

If your client has a few inches of regrowth then a warm band from where they have tried to lift their hair at home then a lovely clean blonde on the mid lengths and ends from their last salon visit, treat every section like it was a different head of hair. Lift the roots following the very first guidelines, then treat the warm band with something equally as strong to neutralise then then maybe something lovely and delicate to refresh them already light ends.

I am currently sat in my dining kitchen; we have stripped the walls which had years of build-up of wallpaper and paint and is now a complete rainbow of colours, and I thought ‘this is no different to colouring hair’. If I took one tin of paint right now and painted this full wall, would I get an even colour? And the answer is absolutely not. To get the look I want I need an even canvas to start with. It's exactly the same as colouring hair!

I know there is a lot of information to take in, but I’m hoping you find it useful and the thought of seeing what our amazing clients may or may not have done to their own hair isn’t as daunting ?

Please remember: If you need anything at all, we are always here for you and can’t wait to see you all again in salon.

Hot Tools Spring/Summer 2020 Education Brochure

Get inspired with the latest Education Brochure from Hot Tools. All the styles are modern twists on classic looks, and features step by step guides to creating these looks.

Discover hot, new styles to bring into your salon including

  • Sleek with a touch of movement
  • Wet look with height
  • Symmetrical waves
  • Urban naturelle
  • Cascading waves
  • Sophisticated "S" wave

All created using your favourite Hot Tools styling products, including the best-selling Volumizer.

Download Hot Tools Brochure

Neal & Wolf Product Knowledge Exam

If you're struggling or you need to brush up on your Neal & Wolf knowledge then you can download their product guide here

The Dreaded Colour Correction - Inside the head of a Hairdresser Part 3

by Lyndsey - Salon Promotions Educator

So, this week I gave in and sat in a 20 minute queue with the kids in the car at McDonald's. It was the quietest 20 mins of all Lockdown as we sat there and (not ashamed to say it) completely enjoyed our burgers ?! There is no way on Earth I am brave enough to tackle the almighty Primark queues yet!

It's amazing to see some salons now provisionally open their appointment books. We’re almost there guys (fingers crossed)

This week I want to write about the importance of the lightening curve and colour wheel. Last week we conquered the larger regrowth, now let’s discuss the clients who couldn’t resist the temptation of a box dye, gave in and now we have a colour correction on our hands and a waiting list as long as our arm of clients all wanting to be in the hot seat.

Once we have conquered the art of the consultation and we know exactly what we are up against, the most important thing we HAVE to think about during each consultation is the Lightening Curve and Colour Wheel. These two pieces of absolute gold, will determine whether our colour results are amazing and we have met our clients expectations, or we have an unhappy client, with a colour they are not happy with and another appointment we need to magic out of thin air in an already mile long list.

Colour Wheel & Lightening Curve

What exactly is the Lightening curve? Why is it so important? What does it tell us?

The job of the Lightening Curve is really quite simple; it’s there to tell us the underlying tone that is found at each depth. During any lightening service, it is crucial that you take into consideration the underlying pigments.

If anyone has had any of the Salon Promotions education team in salon, you will be very familiar with a little train journey we take you on ?. I personally have seen so many ‘light bulb’ moments when we talk about the Lightening Curve in this way. Let me explain:

A lovely client is a natural depth of 6 (orange) and she has seen a post on Instagram and would like to go to a lovely clean blonde at a depth of a 9 (pale yellow). Our little train journey is starting at station 6 (her natural depth) and our destination in station 9 (her desired look). Along the way, our train is going to also stop at station 7 & 8. To achieve the cleanest blonde we can, and to see your client jumping for joy and feeling a million dollars, we HAVE to make sure we neutralise every station along the way.

So what would happen if our train didn’t stop, and we drove past one station without stopping?

If your train decided to not stop at all stations along your route, you would still get your client to her desired level of a 9, but the beautiful cool tone she has been looking at for weeks may be a more golden or warm.

So what’s the Colour Wheel? Why is it connected to the Lightening Curve?

Now we have taken into consideration the Lightening Curve, we need its partner in crime; The Colour Wheel. The purpose of the colour wheel is to show us what tones are used for neutralisation. Remember: Opposites Will Neutralise.

Let's go back to our lovely client:

We know the start of our journey and the destination. Now we need the colour wheel to know what tones to use. Travelling from station 6 to station 9, we will visit orange, orange/yellow, yellow and finally we will arrive at pale yellow. So, using the Colour Wheel we know that blue will neutralise orange and violet will neutralise yellow. Magic! We have a happy client, with the exact tones she has been dreaming about and is going to shout from the roof tops how amazing her stylist is ?.

The next level - Using the 3D colour wheel

What is this? Is it really that important? The answer is absolutely. When neutralising, we need to think about colour as a weight. If we see a strong yellow, we need its opposite to be just as strong to fully neutralise it. A really easy way to think about it is to think of a see saw.

If you put a child that weighs 3 stone on one side of a see saw, then put a child that weighs 1 stone on the other, what is going to happen? The child that weighs more is going to drop the floor and the lighter child will fly up in the air. If we swap the 1 stone child for a child that also weighs 3 stone, the see saw will balance and it's exactly the same with hair colour.

Taking all the above into consideration, choosing the correct toner from within the Neal & Wolf Colour is a lot less daunting. If your client has lifted to a beautiful pale yellow (it does happen sometimes…. Honestly) a delicate tone can be used, for example 10.02. If a client has a stronger yellow tone and will just not budge anymore, you will need something stronger, such as a 99.02 to fully neutralise.

A reminder on Neal & Wolf Colour Hair Toners

  • 10.01, 10.02 & 10.89 - 1 part tone (a single shot of gin as we like to think of it)
  • 90.01, 90.02 & 90.73 - 2 part tone (double shot of gin)
  • 99.02 & 99.25 - 3 part tone (triple shot of gin)

Next week I'll be covering toning on the correct depth

How to tackle HUGE hair regrowth - Inside the head of a Hairdresser Part 2

by Lyndsey - Salon Promotions Educator

I’m not sure on everyone else, but this week for me, some things seem to be coming back to life.

Roads seem busier, IKEA has opened its doors, some schools have opened to certain year groups (I’m praying for years 5 & 3 as I am seriously struggling with fractions now!) and you can now get a Big Mac (Hallelujah….. it’s the only thing I can bribe the kids with ?)!

I’ve seen lots of salons starting to post on social media what procedures they will have in place when salons are given the go-ahead, so fingers crossed on the 16th of June the government will give us a definite date for a return to work.

Last week, I wrote about the importance of consultations…. And over the next few weeks I wanted to jot down some possible issues we might come across, when after 15 long weeks, we finally get our hands on some hair!

This week I wanted to address our very well behaved clients who have resisted the urge to grab the dreaded Box Dye and have patiently waited for us to come back and work our magic.

As we all know, most of our clients will normally pay us a visit anytime between 4-8 weeks, and this is the perfect time for a touch up. Some clients like to leave it much longer. Now most have been forced to, at this strange time, go even longer! So how do we tackle a much larger regrowth?

Top tips for colouring hair regrowth (with no angel halo)

  1. Applying the colour straight onto the root would give us an uneven result and quite possibly a lovely root glow!!
  2. A similar process is carried out when bleaching regrowth longer than 2cm. Otherwise that 1st area will again appear lighter and the mids will struggle to lift.

Has this happened before and you’ve thought ‘why’? Let me explain:
The structure of the hair changes after the first 1cm which makes the hair more difficult to colour. This is due to keratinization/oxidation.

Another factor is the heat from our scalps. The heat will encourage the colour to develop quicker near that first 1cm, so the mid area needs a little head start.

So how do we get this right?

  1. Apply your mixture 1.5cm away from the scalp to the point at which the previous colour starts (mid)
  2. Then apply your root area and take through to the ends of the hair

Following these simple steps will guarantee your clients walk out of the salon without the dreaded halo glow but with the most beautiful, even hair colour #instareadyhair

Next week I'll be covering the lightening curve & colour wheel

Life After Lockdown - Inside the head of a Hairdresser

by Lyndsey - Salon Promotions Educator

As we start to think about life after lockdown, and with the possible date of 4th July finally getting closer (fingers crossed) I thought over the next few weeks I would write a little blog to cover some key points to consider when we are finally allowed back in salon, doing what we love most, and how to tackle them already 10+ weeks roots!

As with so many of the country, my life has changed so much over the past 10 weeks. In between renovating a house, watching my 8 year old do her 20th Tik Toc of the day and realising I can’t help my 10 year old as I have no idea how to subtract decimals with a different number of decimal places (God help me when she goes to high school next year and I truly believe teachers need a medal!) I managed to get 10 minutes to myself to drink a hot coffee ?

As I enjoy the silence, I got thinking…….

I ran my own amazing salon, and had a great team for over 8 years, and if I were still there now, how would we have dealt with the changes? So many questions ran through my head as I am sure it is the same for everybody. Questions like

  • What is the new "normal" going to be like?
  • How are we going to handle booking everyone back in?
  • What is the fairest way to book appointments?
  • Have my clients coloured their own hair?
  • Have they attempted a root touch up but done a full head and now I have a denser colour on the ends?
  • Have they picked the wrong shade and now have ‘glowing’ roots?
  • Have my blonde clients tried to lighten their roots and are now canary yellow?
  • How much banding am I going to have to deal with?
  • Have they been well behaved and not been tempted, but now have twice the regrowth as usual? (remember, some clients will have already gone 6 weeks and would have been due in the salon as Lockdown began, so their regrowth will currently stand at 16 weeks )

All these questions were running through my head, and I am certain I’m not the only one.

Miraculously, my daughters are getting along, practising their new online dance routine set by their amazing dance teacher, so I thought it would be a massive help to everyone to jot down some key points to consider over the next few weeks when tackling some issues we most certainly will come across are allowed back into salon.


Consultations are one of the most vital parts of the hairdressing service (now more than ever). You need to know exactly what your client has used (if they have given in and ran straight to Boots filled with dread at the thought of walking around the house for the past 10 weeks looking like Worzel Gummidge). There are so many factors that we need to consider. Remember, the consultation is where the magic happens. Its' where we can set expectations. It’s where your clients tell you what they would like the end result to be (remember, they’ve had 10 weeks at home. They have had the time to scroll through Instagram and Facebook and may now want a change. They may have coloured their own hair and might actually like the change. The most important bit….. it is where we find out if anything is going to jump up and surprise us during the colouring service.

Whenever myself and the rest of the amazing Salon Promotions education team are in salons, consultations are one of the biggest things we focus on, and we use the following guidelines:

  • ND – Deciding the hairs natural colour to access the natural undertone
  • % White – Helps us decide which brand to use
  • Texture – The diameter of a single strand of hair, generally referred to as thin, medium or coarse
  • Porosity – The hairs ability to maintain moisture. In normal hair, the cuticle scales overlap, but allow some moisture to penetrate the hair. In resistant hair a compact cuticle layer has tightly overlapped scales and repels moisture. With porous hair, the cuticle scales are raised and moisture passes easily into and out of the hair shaft.
  • Density – The density of hair is determined by the number of active hair follicles per square inch of the scalp, and determines how much colour we will need during the service.
  • Previous Colour – Super important! Our clients may have been with us years, but if they have tried to do their own hair during Lockdown, we need to know about it
  • Target Shade – What your clients want. Do they love what they’ve always had? Are they wanting a change?

I know when we return to work our new ‘normal’ is going to be different, but if we get this first part right, we’re on to a winner!

Coronavirus Covid-19 Financial Support For Salons & Haircare Professionals

We've said it before; absolutely nothing could have prepared us for the impact of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. With information changing all the time finding the right support can be overwhelming, so we've put together a list of measures currently available to help people cope with the financial fall-out of the coronavirus outbreak. These measures cover the Coronavirus Covid-19 financial support you’re entitled to - both for your hair business and for you personally. We will keep updating this blog with new information as announcements are made so be sure to check back regularly.

Support for people on PAYE

The government has launched the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This will see HMRC reimburse 80% of the salary of furloughed employees. A furloughed employee is still employed by the business but not working.  They are kept on the payroll rather than being laid off.  This will be worth up to a maximum of £2,500 a month. Find out more and how to claim here.

Support if you’re self-employed

The government has introduced the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme. If you’ve had a loss of income due to COVID-19, you can receive a taxable grant worth 80% of your average monthly profits over the last three years. This will be worth up to a maximum of £2,500 a month.

This scheme is open to self-employed people who were trading in the last financial year, are still trading now, and plan to continue doing so this year. The scheme will cover the three months from now until May.

HMRC will be contacting eligible self employed people directly. You’ll have to fill in an online form and they will pay the grant directly into your bank account. You’re likely to receive the grant, backdated for three months, at the beginning on June. There are hopes this might be paid earlier so keep checking here.

Other financial support for self-employed people includes access to Universal Credit at a rate equivalent to Statutory Sick Pay.

Deferral of VAT payments

You won’t need to pay your business VAT bills from now until mid-June. You’ll then have until the end of the financial year to repay any VAT payments that were deferred between 20 March and 30 June 2020.

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

For small and medium-sized businesses, the Chancellor has announced temporary business interruption loans of up to £5million with no interest due for the first six months. The money is aimed at helping businesses pay wages, rent and suppliers.

How to apply: The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme will come from the British Business Bank’s accredited lenders including high street banks. The British Business Bank advises, “In the first instance, businesses should approach their own provider – ideally via the lender’s website.” To find out more about this scheme click here.

Business rates relief

There will be a 12-month business rates holiday. This means the retail, hospitality and leisure industries won’t need to pay business rates for a year. Check if you're eligible here

You don’t need to do anything to claim this. It will apply to your next council tax bill in April 2020. However, local authorities may have to reissue your bill to take off the business rate charge.

Cash Grants

Small companies in business premises with a rateable value (a measure of property values) between £15,000 and £51,000 can apply for grants of up to £25,000. You don’t have to do anything to apply for this; your local authority will write to you if you are eligible for this grant. Find out more here.

Smaller businesses that are currently eligible for Small Business Rate Relief (SBBR) can apply for a one-off cash grant of up to £10,000.

Mortgage Holiday

All banks should offer you a three-month holiday from mortgage payments. This basically means deferring payments by three months if you are in financial difficulties arising from the coronavirus outbreak. The payment holiday won’t affect your credit rating and it could save you from going into arrears. If you have already taken a holiday or are looking for other options you could apply for “Support for mortgage interest”. Speak to your current lender as soon as possible if you are facing difficulties with your mortgage repayments.

Protection for renters

The government has brought forward emergency laws to protect private renters from being evicted. More is expected to be announced on this. Click here for the latest government advice for renters.

The National Housing Federation has said they won’t evict tenants affected by coronavirus who fall behind on rent payments.

Universal Credit and Housing Benefit will also be increased so that the local housing allowance will cover at least 30% of the market rent in your area.

Credit Cards & Personal Loans

Most banks and credit card firms have said they will allow emergency credit limit increases. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates the lending industry, confirmed that high-street credit card and loan providers would need to offer payment holidays where customers were struggling to pay, with measures needing to be in place by Tuesday 14th April 2020. We suggest following Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert for all of the latest consumer credit and loan updates. You can click here to find out more

Sick Pay

For employees If you are employed, you are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from your first day off work.

For employers The government will refund up to two weeks’ SSP for each eligible employee who has been off work because of COVID-19. The government says they’ll set up the repayment system for employers as soon as possible. Find out more here.

This page was last updated on 16th April 2020.

Creating A Salon Website With WordPress

There has never been a better time to set-up a salon website for promoting your business. Why? Because 46% of all Google searches are people looking local business information, and 88% of those searches result in a call or visit to that business on the same day! If you haven't got a website then you're missing out on a huge amount of potential new customers.  On top of that your website is the perfect place to showcase your talent and your amazing brands, whilst giving customers an easy way to connect with you.

To get started you will need

  • A domain name
  • A website platform and hosting
  • A great theme that works for your business
  • A couple of hours to get it all set up

Picking The Right Platform

We have chosen to recommend WordPress as our website platform of choice for salons. It's easy to set-up, it's free (mostly), Google friendly and it's flexible meaning salons can easily differentiate themselves from their competitors. Thanks to all these reasons WordPress powers around 36% of the internet!

Of course there are other options available to salons including:

  • Squarespace
  • Drupal
  • Wix
  • Joomla
  • Duda

Choosing your hosting provider and registering your domain name

There are a variety of hosts and domain name registrars out there, and it can seem a little overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. To make things a little easier for you we've listed some of our recommendations below:

All of the above hosting companies are widely used in the UK, allow easy installation of WordPress and allow you to register a domain name at the same time. The cost of hosting starts from about £1.99/month.

When choosing your domain name here are our top tips

  • Use .com or .co.uk; there are lots of other options but these are the ones people recognise and trust
  • Keep it simple; nobody wants to type in or remember a long complicated domain name
  • Avoid hyphens; myhairsalon.co.uk is much better than my-hair-salon.co.uk
  • Try to include keywords; this is especially useful if your desired domain name has already been picked. For example if you wanted millionhairs.co.uk but it wasn't available you could choose millionhairssalon.co.uk or millionhairslancashire.co.uk

The cost to register a domain name for one year costs around £4.95.

Once you've set up your hosting and domain name you'll need to install WordPress. Many of the above hosts include a "one-click" set-up for WordPress as part of your set-up. We've also included links to each one's instructions for setting up WordPress.

Picking a WordPress theme for your salon

Your WordPress theme determines the look and feel of your salon website. WordPress comes with a few basic themes installed, but none of them are particularly appealing. Not to worry as there are thousands of free and paid themes available for salons. The most common place to find salon WordPress themes are

Picking the right theme for your website is one of the most important things to get right, as it  can be difficult to change it once you've set-up your salon website. A good theme should be representative of your brand, easy to navigate, quick to load and mobile friendly. Two of our favourite themes are Barber and Coiffeur.

Getting started with WordPress plugins

WordPress Plugins are extra programs that you can install on WordPress to add extra functionality to your website. We've included a list of our recommended plugins below:

  • Yoast SEO - lots of handy tweaks to make your website rank better in Google
  • WPForms Lite - quick and easy contact form set-up
  • Wordfence - A free website security app to keep your site protected
  • Akismet - Anti-spam functionality, reducing the amount of spam emails received through contact forms
  • WooCommerce - allow you to sell products on your website like gift cards and vouchers
  • Instagram Feed - pull your latest Instagram shots onto your website

Must have features and pages for your salon website

  • Homepage - this should include an overview of your salon. Consider this your shop window; what are the most important things for your customers to see as they walk past. Ensure it shows off some of your best work, your contact details, links to social media sites and other key areas of your website
  • Services Page - what services do you offer? What are the prices? What brands are available? Give has much information as you can; this will help potential customers understand what you offer before they contact you
  • Gift Vouchers - If you offer gift vouchers make sure this page is easy to find; it's a great way of generating extra sales and guaranteeing revenue
  • Meet the team - Introduce your team members to potential customers; this personal touch makes your customer feel like they know you as soon as they walk into your salon
  • How To Guides - consider offering customers top tips on looking after their newly cut and coloured hair, styling guides and anything else you can think of. The more value you give to your customers the more likely they are to return to you
  • Careers page  - are you recruiting? Include this information on your website
  • Book online - you might have a booking system already that can link to your website; speak to your existing provider. If not consider implementing an online booking system to make life as easy as possible for your customers
  • Contact Us Page - include a contact form, telephone number and your opening hours.

Offering Gift Vouchers

One of the best features salons can offer online is gift cards and vouchers for your services. Gift cards mean an upfront payment (cash in the bank!), they can introduce new clients to your business and are a great marketing tool!

One of the easiest ways of selling gift cards on your website is by setting up WooCommerce on your website which will allow you to take payments for these online. Set up your vouchers as virtual or downloadable products to allow customers to download a voucher straight away after payment.

A Reminder Of The Steps to follow

  1. Sign-up for hosting and choose your domain name
  2. Install WordPress on your chosen host
  3. Install a theme on your new WordPress installation
  4. Install any plugins that you need
  5. Add pages and content
  6. Share your new salon website with your friends, family and clients

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

7th April 2020

We are taking orders again. Orders may take longer than usual to arrive, but please be assured we are working with our logistics partners to ensure your orders get delivered as quickly as possible.

You can still contact our customer service team at info@salonpromotions.co.uk, or on 01282 444 900, however they are currently working remotely and may take longer to reply than normal. We kindly request that you only contact us if your query is urgent.

2nd April 2020

We are currently unable to take any new orders as we have had exceptionally high demand over the past few days, and our warehouse need time to catch up.

Over the past few weeks the additional measures implemented to help combat Covid-19 such as social distancing and a reduced delivery service means that we will not be able to process orders as quickly as usual. The health and safety of our warehouse team is our priority and we know that our customers understand and appreciate this.

If you have already placed an order with us recently please be assured it will be dispatched as quickly as possible.

You can still contact our customer service team at info@salonpromotions.co.uk, or on 01282 444 900, however they are currently working remotely and may take longer to reply than normal. We kindly request that you only contact us if your query is urgent.

24th March 2020

Dear All,

Absolutely nothing could have prepared us for the impact of the Coronavirus.

It’s hard enough writing a letter like this but even harder temporarily closing the business down, seeing the impact it has on our people along with you our valued and loyal customers and everyone connected in some way to our business.

I promise all of you that we will do everything we can to get through this and come out even stronger, protecting as many people as we can along the way so when the dark clouds part, AND THEY WILL, we can start looking after our team and customers again, without whom we are nothing.

Salon Promotions head office will be temporarily closed until further notice. Throughout the closedown period we’re going to do as much as possible to help keep your spirits up including

  • Offering support, education and inspiration on Email, Social Media and Zoom
  • We will still be taking orders online, and orders will be dispatched every Tuesday and Thursday

Throughout the closedown period we’d love you to stay in touch. We will keep you updated on our business via social media, our websites and newsletters.

Although we all like to be successful, I always say “health is everything”, never before did I ever think I would be writing in such context.

It’s time to look after each other more than ever, but if you have any urgent questions please contact info@salonpromotions.co.uk

Sending all the strength and luck I can to you and your families

Stay safe and well

With best regards

Neil Capstick

Founder & Managing Director

Salon Promotions Ltd

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