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The Ultimate 10 Point-Plan For Maximum Salon Profit At Christmas

The Ultimate 10 Point-Plan For Maximum Salon Profit At Christmas

Q4 is one of the most exciting times for salons. Use this guide to PRE-SELL your Christmas gift packs BEFORE they come into your salon and boost your salon profit this year.


  1. E-Shots
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Photos
  6. In-Salon POS
  7. Pre-Order Forms
  8. Team Allocations
  9. Racetrack Incentives
  10. Competitions

1. E-Shots

Send an email to all of your customers, advertising the Christmas Packs. Sending professional, beautiful looking emails has never been easier. There are many browser-based email service providers out there to choose from. Most of these:

  • Require little or no coding skills
  • Have pay-as-you-go contracts
  • Are low cost, or even free if you don't have a big contact list
  • Provide comprehensive reports with information on who opened the email, or who clicked a link within it

Besides the busy Christmas period you should send regular e-shots throughout the year to keep in touch with your clients, and keep your salon at the front of their minds. Please ensure you have your clients consent to send them emails, and that you are complying with GDPR regulations.

Our Top Email Marketing Providers:

  • Klaviyo
  • Hubspot
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact

E Shots

2. Facebook

Social media is a must! We are all doing it but how can we stand out from the crowd? Our top tip for all channels is to think about what your audience wants to know, NOT what you want to tell them.

Some of our top-tips for making your Salon stand out on Facebook are:

  • Don't stick to just one type of content. Your own images are fantastic, but you should also share other relevant content, polls, top-tips, funny memes and anything else you think your audience would enjoy. Why not create a poll and ask your audience what they're most interested in seeing?
  • Use Facebook Insights to analyse your content. See which posts are generating the most likes and biggest reach, and provide more of this content
  • Test your timing; use Facebook insights to determine when your audience is most engaged and share your content to reach them when they're online
  • Boost your best posts with Facebook Ads. Your organic posts will often only reach 5% of your audience so when you have something to really shout about consider boosting your post for maximum reach


3. Twitter

Twitter is a fast-moving platform. The life of a Tweet is about four times shorter than a Facebook post. This makes it very hard to get your message to stick. The shelf life of one tweet is four times shorter than anything you post on Facebook. This makes it hard to get your messages to stick and make an impact. Some of our top-tips for making your Salon stand out on Twitter are:

  • Tweet during peak hours and use scheduling tools to plan your Tweets in advance
  • Keep hashtag use to a minimum and use the right ones
  • Add images to your Tweets to get more reach and retweets. Videos get even more reach on Twitter
  • Ask your users to retweet your posts

4. Instagram

Imagery is everything on Instagram, the whole platform is built around sharing beautiful content. Instagram now has the same reach as Facebook, and even higher engagement so make the most of this rapidly growing network. Some of our top-tips for making your Salon stand out on Instagram are:

  • Focus on high-quality, stand out images
  • Ask your audience to tag their friends in posts
  • Contests, Product teasers and behind the scenes shots work extremely well on Instagram
  • Use the right hashtags to maximise your reach


5. Photos

Everyone has heard the expression "A Picture Says a Thousand Words", and in the age of social media this has never been more true. Posts with photos on Facebook reach twice as many people than posts with just text, and platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest were built purely for imagery. Professional and beautiful images are the key to capturing attention. You don't need to be a professional photographer to grab peoples' attention. Most modern smartphones are more than capable of taking glorious, high definition images that your followers will love.

Some of our top-tips for Instagramable Salon shots are:

  • Get the lighting right; back-lighting hair creates a dramatic effect, whereas ambient natural light is great for showing off bright colours
  • Focus on flattering angles; nobody likes a mug shot
  • Remove any distractions or irrelevant items in the background of your photo. There's nothing worse than creating a killer shot only to spot a crumpled can of diet coke in the background
  • Avoid heavy use of filters or Photoshopping; let your creations speak for themselves

6. In Salon POS

At Salon Promotions we always pride ourselves in providing excellent in-salon marketing support. Besides incentive racetracks and guides like this one to help you sell more products, we also provide posters, tend cards, A6 Product Booklets, postcards, mirror stickers and anything else you can think of. Better still, we can offer most POS for FREE as part of a deal.

In addition to product POS you should dress-up your salon with Christmas props. Create the right mood and atmosphere which will help you to sell the Christmas packs. The golden time to dress-up your salon is right after Halloween, but be prepared to start talking about Christmas gifts at the start of October which is when many consumers start thinking about buying presents.


7. Pre-order Forms

From our years of experience in Q4, we find that the Christmas pre-sell form is a very powerful tool to help you sell. The form should be quite self-explanatory; make sure you use it everyday by making a note of what your customers want to pre-order.

Pre order forms

8. Team Allocations

Allocate a number of each Christmas pack to each of your team to sell. Make it more fun by using the racetrack idea below and a prize to motivate them to sell. Make this a fun competition where everyone is a winner. Imagine how much extra salon profit you could generate if each member of your team sold an extra 5 packs each.

9. Racetrack Incentives

Create a poster, or use one our existing ones below, asking your team to write their name in a box each time they sell a particular Christmas Gift Set. Every-time a stylist hits a certain number of sales they can be given a prize by the salon owner. You could then offer incentives for most sales by the end of Q4, runner up prizes and prizes for most sold of a particular gift set.


10. Competitions

An easy way to stand out from the crowd on social media during Christmas is to hold a competition online. Keep the competition simple, with easy to follow rules and a clear closing date. Don't forget to take the chance to introduce the Christmas packs to your audience.


Happy Selling


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