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Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion: A stylists best-friend

Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion: A stylists best-friend

For salon owners and professionals, it is essential to provide high quality services and achieve the desired results for your clients. It not only enhances the customer experience but also reflects positively on the reputation and success of the salon. Neal and Wolf styling products are known for their quality and effectiveness in helping to create long-lasting styles. One of their must have products is FORM Sculpting Lotion;  the unique formula combines long lasting hold with moisture retention and shine enhancement, making it ideal for various styling needs, from prolonged blow-outs to prepping for bridal work. It’s a versatile and essential tool for any professional kit.

Key ingredients that make a difference:

Neal and Wolf's FORM Sculpting Lotions ingredients work together to ensure that the product delivers optimum results, providing both performance and nourishment for the hair. Panthenol is the key ingredient to locking in moisture and enhancing shine.

The Ideal Client:

Neal and Wolf’s FORM Sculpting Lotion is a versatile and adaptable product, making it perfect for various clients needs.

Curly blow dry's 

FORM Sculpting Lotion provides both hold and shine, perfect for clients seeking bouncy, curly blowouts that make heads turn.

Wedding prep 

Preparing hair for a wedding day is crucial, and Neal and Wolf’s FORM Sculpting Lotion is the ideal choice for achieving the perfect look. Its ability to work with any hair type, provide long lasting hold, and leave hair shiny and healthy can make a significant difference on such an important occasion. Team up with Neal and Wolf's FIX Hold & Shine Spray and you will have a winning duo.

Curly hair

FORM Sculpting Lotion caters for a wide range of hair types and styles including those curl haired beauty’s. Whether they let their curls air dry or they diffuse them, FORM has the ability to tame curls, add glossiness whilst maintaining a light hold to enhance their natural locks.

How to maximise retail sales and profits:

Salon education

Ensure that stylists and salon staff have an understanding in the key benefits and features and highlight that it’s a multi-use product.


Offer product demonstrations to your clients, showing the ways which the product can be used

Feedback and recommendations

Encourage clients to provide feedback on FORM Sculpting Lotion, then incorporate this into future product recommendations and marketing assets.

Visual merchandising

Create displays using our provided POS in prominent places of the salon so they are eye catching. Also use your social media to create engaging content highlighting the benefits and usage of FORM.

Top Tip…

Mixing a few pumps of VELVET Nourishing Oil into FORM Sculpting Lotion will give you a softer hold, whilst still benefiting from the styling properties of a sculpting lotion.

Katie Mason
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