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How to tackle HUGE hair regrowth - Inside the head of a Hairdresser Part 2

How to tackle HUGE hair regrowth - Inside the head of a Hairdresser Part 2

by Lyndsey - Salon Promotions Educator

I’m not sure on everyone else, but this week for me, some things seem to be coming back to life.

Roads seem busier, IKEA has opened its doors, some schools have opened to certain year groups (I’m praying for years 5 & 3 as I am seriously struggling with fractions now!) and you can now get a Big Mac (Hallelujah….. it’s the only thing I can bribe the kids with ?)!

I’ve seen lots of salons starting to post on social media what procedures they will have in place when salons are given the go-ahead, so fingers crossed on the 16th of June the government will give us a definite date for a return to work.

Last week, I wrote about the importance of consultations…. And over the next few weeks I wanted to jot down some possible issues we might come across, when after 15 long weeks, we finally get our hands on some hair!

This week I wanted to address our very well behaved clients who have resisted the urge to grab the dreaded Box Dye and have patiently waited for us to come back and work our magic.

As we all know, most of our clients will normally pay us a visit anytime between 4-8 weeks, and this is the perfect time for a touch up. Some clients like to leave it much longer. Now most have been forced to, at this strange time, go even longer! So how do we tackle a much larger regrowth?

Top tips for colouring hair regrowth (with no angel halo)

  1. Applying the colour straight onto the root would give us an uneven result and quite possibly a lovely root glow!!
  2. A similar process is carried out when bleaching regrowth longer than 2cm. Otherwise that 1st area will again appear lighter and the mids will struggle to lift.

Has this happened before and you’ve thought ‘why’? Let me explain:
The structure of the hair changes after the first 1cm which makes the hair more difficult to colour. This is due to keratinization/oxidation.

Another factor is the heat from our scalps. The heat will encourage the colour to develop quicker near that first 1cm, so the mid area needs a little head start.

So how do we get this right?

  1. Apply your mixture 1.5cm away from the scalp to the point at which the previous colour starts (mid)
  2. Then apply your root area and take through to the ends of the hair

Following these simple steps will guarantee your clients walk out of the salon without the dreaded halo glow but with the most beautiful, even hair colour #instareadyhair

Next week I'll be covering the lightening curve & colour wheel

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