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5 Reasons Why Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion is Your Ultimate Styling Companion!

5 Reasons Why Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion is Your Ultimate Styling Companion!

From big bouncy blowdry's to super sleek ponytails, Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion is the ultimate styling companion for any hairdresser. A lightweight, non-greasy lotion that provides excellent hold and control without leaving residue or buildup.

Neal & Wolf's Head of Education, Laura Elliott, 'loves' FORM and says it 'gives hair flexible volume, stunning shine and moisture'. Check out our top 5 ways to use FORM Sculpting Lotion on your clients.

1) The Big Bouncy Blowdry

Big Bouncy blowdry

Photo credit: @chrisappleton1

With over 4,440 Google searches a month, 'The Big Bouncy Blowdry' is a repeated client request for anyone looking for the epitome of glamour. Apply a small amount of Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion to wet hair, and use a large round brush, we recommend the Kent Salon Professional KS11, and a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle to complete your blowdry. FORM Sculpting Lotion will give you the volume and flexibility you would look for in the perfect bouncy blowdry.


2) Sculpted Natural Curls

Sculpted Natural Curls

Photo credit: @chelleee_b

Enhance client's natural curl textures by adding a generousamount of Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion to curly, damp hair for add moisture and shine, whilst keeping curl definition. Top tip: Apply a small amount to your hands and work through dry curls to personalise the look. 


3) The Super Sleek Ponytail

Super Sleek Pony

Photo credit: @bellahadid

The ultimate style statement that transitions from day-to night- 'The Super Sleek Ponytail'. Apply plenty of Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion to wet hair. Blow-dry smooth and straight. Using a nylon or boar bristle brush (we recommend the Kent Salon Professional KS04) smooth the strands back into a tight ponytail. Smooth the sides with more FORM Sculpting Lotion to tame fly-aways. Spritz with FIX Hold & Shine Spray where needed. 


4) Short, Choppy Pixie

Short Choppy Pixie

Photo credit: @Stephane Cardinale

When it comes to pixies, layers, layers, and more layers are the way to go. Use FORM Sculpting Lotion to hold styles in place. Simply work into dry hair and leave to set. 


5) Smooth, Straight & Volumised

Smooth Straight & Volumised

Photo credit:@romeufelipe

After shampooing, apply a generous amount of FORM Sculpting Lotion into wet hair and blow-dry smooth for a shiny, blow out but keeping volume!


Tips & Tricks

  • Add FORM Sculpting Lotion to SHAPE Pliable Paste to soften SHAPE, making it more playable.
  • Apply FORM Sculpting Lotion, blast hair dry and then apply UPLIFT Volumising Mist for stronger volume hold. 
  • Mix FORM Sculpting Lotion with GLOW Super Shine Spray for the ultimate shine. 
  • Apply ENHANCE Volumising Mousse and FORM Sculpting Lotion for lightweight hold and volume.
  • For extra moisture, mix FORM Sculpting Lotion and VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil - you will get the sculpt and definition, adding more moisture and shine. 


With 20% off* in May, be sure to add Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion to your stylist toolbelt!

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