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4 Reasons Why Cloud Nine Will Give You The Best Summer Hair

4 Reasons Why Cloud Nine Will Give You The Best Summer Hair

NOW BOARDING: Healthier, Glossier Summer Hair

Here at Cloud Nine HQ we’re proud to say that we’re pretty good at what we do. Not only do we show you how to create the hottest hair, and give you all the latest style inspo, but we also have award-winning technology that is setting the industry standard for healthier styling. All Cloud Nine tools are designed with summer in mind. Our hair needs extra TLC in the summer months as we have to contend with heat, chlorine, salt and UV rays –not to mention humidity! Maintaining healthy hair during summer takes work which is why all Cloud Nine tools have been designed to deliver a luxurious styling experience at kinder temperatures perfect for summer.

Temperature Control





So, what makes Cloud Nine styling tools so great? Well, aside from our numerous awards, we believe that your hair is as unique as your fingerprint and our core philosophy is to deliver kinder styling using lower temperatures that are tailored to give you healthier summer hair. One temperature does not suit everyone because our individual hair type will respond to heat differently; 100 degrees will work beautifully on fine, flyaway hair and 150 degrees should tame even the frizziest curls –each hair type is different!

SmartTech Technology




Our innovations don’t end with temperature control and mineral-infused plates. SmartTech works to maintain your individual styling heat, ensuring an even temperature across the entire mineral-infused surface. Even heat distribution means you should only need to glide irons through your hair once, avoiding unnecessary damage and giving you super-fast styling that lets you get ready quicker and enjoy the sun for longer. No hotspots. No drag. Just super sleek hair that lasts all day, whatever the weather.

Mineral-Infused Ceramic




Our summer hair goals are all about that glossy finish, but the sunshine has a way of making our hair look dull and lacklustre. Did you know that all our mineral-infused plates and barrels are baked for 72-hours? This means that the ceramic will glide smoothly over your hair to create that ultimate glossy shine. Most of our competitors only coat their plates in minerals, which means the product will degrade and eventually result in the snagging and pinching of the hair. We invest time to ensure that our products are superior and would never compromise your hairs health. Plus, all our Irons feature floating plates, which cushion and protect your hair, delivering a smooth luxe finish from root to tip –perfect for sleek, summer styles.


 Last, but certainly not least are the amazing Anions (negative ions) –These super helpful molecules work to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle to minimise moisture loss and give you that all important glossy shine! Starting to feel the effects of the humid weather? Not to worry, the Anions will protect hair from humidity by sealing moisture into the hair cuticle so that further moisture can’t cause the hair to curl or frizz!

So basically, Cloud Nine has your back this summer! We put you in control to achieve glossier, healthier hair at temperatures that work for you, using mineral-infused plates, intelligent SmartTech technology and humidity repelling Anions. From loose beach waves to sleek and shiny vacay vibes, Cloud Nine will give you your best summer hair yet. So, whatever your destination, join us on Cloud Nine to discover superior styling tools and healthier hair all summer long.

If you would like to place another order, please contact your Salon Promotions Sales Representative or call our head office on 01282444900

Or you can view the Cloud Nine range on our website here

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