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  1. Say Hello To GLAZE...

    Say Hello To GLAZE...

    Neal & Wolf GLAZE is a multifunctional toner that creates stunning results each time within an instant, perfect for busy stylists and is designed for endless possibilities.

    1. Toner: Perfect for creative toning and full colour.
    2. Colour corrector: Corrects unwanted colours and neutralises unwanted tones.
    3. Post bleaching: Keeps hair strong and healthy after in-salon bleaching, thanks to its favourable pH level.
    4. Super shine: Delivers a high shine to all hair shades.
    5. Fast acting: Transform hair in an instant with a liquid product that penetrates hair fast – perfect for busy stylists.
    6. Colour refresher: Give colour treated strands a refresh or use on first-time colour clients.
    7. Gloss service: Use GLAZE Clear to dilute GLAZE True Demi Toners, or on it’s own to add multi-dimensional gloss to in
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  2. Product Spotlight| The Hot Tools Black Gold Professional CurlBar Set

    The Hot Tools Curl Bar Set

    We’ve taken a look at the key features of the Hot Tools Black Gold Curl Bar Set. Find out all there is to know below…

    1. What are the Key Features of the Hot Tools Black Gold Curl Bar Set?

    Salon Promotions are proud Nationwide Distributors of the Hot Tools Black Gold Curl Bar Set.

    The set, which is Salon Exclusive, designed for Professionals only, provides stylists with Black Gold Titanium barrels with micro-shine coating provides even heat distribution, high durability and styling to impact incredible shine.

    Designed and developed with professionals, for professionals, its Revolutionary Ergonomic Design, gives easier, faster curling with less stress. Reducing the time and effort needed to achieve perfect curls, volume and movement.

    Easier faster curling with less stress. Reducing the time and effort need curls, volume Take a look at the overview of the features here:

    • Revolutionary Ergon

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  3. Brand Spotlight | Diva Pro Styling

    Brand Spotlight | Diva Pro Styling

    New in at Salon Promotions in 2021, are the innovative Salon Professional hair styling tools from Diva Pro Styling. These professional styling tools allow hair artists to unleash their creative energy and do what they do best…create.


    Salon Promotions are proud distributors of these iconic salon professional tools..


    The Diva Atmos Atom Dryer is a highly-efficient new generation dryer with a luxury hair conditioning is a first mass-market new generation hairdryer with 100,000 RPM. It is highly efficient, powerful and fully-featured dryer that is a lighter and more cost-effective alternative to the market leader. With unique, replaceable and customisable sleeves, this dryer is perfect for any hair professional.

    “Excellent Hairdryer Excellent hairdryer. My hairdresser has them in his salon & recommended to me as it ta

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  4. Silky Has A New Look...

    Silky Colour Has A New Look


    New Look. Same Formula. Same Outstanding Performance.

    We’re excited to unveil the new look from Silky. Along with this we also have some new and equally as exciting deals to welcome the new look. Take a look at them here

    To better represent the modernity and the new positioning of Silky, we present an important revolution of the flagship product: the COLORATION. This new packaging has been created and focused around clean lines, shapes and colours – making for a sleek, stylish finish.

    Photo’s of natural spaces and landscapes have been merged with the cleanliness of geometric shapes. A tidy and clean combination inspired by modern art.


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  5. Christmas Electricals

    Christmas Electricals

    Where has this year gone? It feels as though we blinked and Q4 is here already! We’re inching ever closer to the busiest time of the year for stylists... CHRISTMAS!

    Did you know that 60% of all hair electrical sales happen in October, November and December? Every year electricals prove to be a really popular choice for gift giving, whether it’s curling bars, straighteners or dryers – so now is the time to get stocked up ready for the mad rush!



    Due to electricals being a popular choice for gifting, they tend to ‘sell themselves’ however there are a couple things you can do to help increase your sales.


    • Get Talking – Getting your clients talking is an excellent way of getting your foot in the door, ask them if they’ve started preparing for Christmas yet, ask them what their plans are for Christmas this year. This then gives you the opportunity to find out more about th
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  6. Selling Retail In Salon - How Do You Do It?

    Selling Retail In Salon

    Who doesn’t want to earn a little extra each month? In this blog we will talk you through our tips and tricks to make Selling Retail in the salon feel easier and more achievable for those who dread the thought of up-selling products to their clients.


    Selling retail in your salon is a fantastic way to boost your profit margins and it really isn’t as scary as it first may sound!



    We understand that as Salon Owners and Stylists your main priority isn’t to sell products and in fact just the mere thought of turning into a ‘salesperson’ can make you shudder.


    We often hear salons saying that consumers aren’t buying from them, but when our account managers have spent time with them we actually find that stylists aren’t encouraging customers enough to buy in salon.


    It’s important to recognise that your clients trust you with one of the most important physical featur

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  7. Ultimate Salon Summer Hair Trends

    Ultimate Salon Summer Hair Trends

    If there’s a time to experiment with new and exciting hair colours, cuts, and styles, it’s the summer. Your clients are finally able to let loose and enjoy some freedom and are more ready than ever to get summer ready hair. We might not be hopping on the next flight to our favourite overseas holiday destination, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking for those summer locks for staycation breaks, garden parties and just enjoying the summertime.


    We’ve put together our predictions for the top summer hair trends for 2021, and which of our bestselling products you need to inspire you & your clients to get those locks looking and feeling great all summer long!


    What hair trends do you need to watch for this summer?

    As a colourist and stylist, it’s essential you keep up with the ever-changing hair trends. For summer 2021, we’re looking at fringes, short bobs or long hair with a blunt cut.



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  8. Adding Value With Salon Treatments

    Adding Value With Salon Treatments

    Generating extra income for your salon by offering additional services may not be as difficult as it first sounds! Treatments don’t always have to break the bank which means there’s something for everyone. Not only are treatments beneficial for your clients whose hair will be left feeling amazingly healthy, but they also increase the chances of your client wanting the same treatment every time they come back to the salon creating repeat business.

    We can all very easily become accustomed to our go to service and be wary of trying anything new, often we won’t try something unless it’s been suggested/recommended by someone we trust (and who do your clients trust more than their stylist?!) - below we have compiled a list of our favourite in salon treatments, what you can charge for them and who they’re best suited to.



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  9. How to increase your salon income by up to £156k/year with KeraStraight

    KeraStraight Logo - Gorgeous made easy

    KeraStraight Quote - Jezz Barnett

    The demand for easy-to-manage, shiny and healthy hair is the inspiration behind KeraStraight’s award-winning range of treatments. KeraStraight has been designed to repair and smooth hair simultaneously and leaves hair feeling healthy, looking gorgeous and stronger with a shine that can't be beaten.

    The protein treatments and styling products transform, revitalise & repair hair, and the in-salon treatments have the potential to increase your salon’s income by up to £156k a year.

    Just one service per week (based on the RRP £200), and 4 intense Boost Services (RRP £30 each), equates to a monthly income of £1,300.
    Charging £150 for the initial services provides a monthly income of £1,170. These figures are based on just one service. Imagine the income if you provide this awar

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  10. Salon Promotions X Green Salon Collective Collaboration

    Green Salon Collective

    Salon Promotions and Neal & Wolf are proud to announce a partnership with the Green Salon Collective. The Green Salon Collective is the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland, and we’ll be working closely with them to bring a greener future to all of our salons and continue our commitment to being a company with sustainability at its’ heart.

    Recent studies have shown that the UK hairdressing industry recycles just 20% of the plastic it uses, and 99% of hair foils end up in landfill. By partnering with Green Salon Collective you'll be able to recyclable traditionally hard-to-recycle items including hair foils, PPE and even hair!

    GSC enables salons to become more sustainable, ethical businesses via their recycling, education & accreditation offerings, and in the space of just their first 6 months (Jul–Dec 2020) they have helped keep the following away from landfill:

    • Recovered over 400 kilograms of hair which will be used towards cleaning our waterways and help with gardening composting projects.
    • Recycled over 2.3 tonnes of used foil and colour tubes.
    • Recovered and recycled over 230 litres of leftover colour and bleach, plus over 200 kilograms of PPE & Plastic.
    • In addition, all of the profits raised from the commodity sale of these recycling processes have helped support local charities such as Haircuts4Homeless, Foodcycle, The Hair & Beauty Charity and other sustainable projects such as tree planting

    How does the Green Salon Collective work?

    Start by ordering one of the GSC starter packs. These include everything you need to get started including recycling bins, a pre-paid returns box and point of sale for your salon. Once your box is ready for collection contact Green Salon Collective to arrange the collection. Each returns box fit up to 350 clients worth of hair or slightly less in used foil and empty colour tubes into each box.

    How much does this cost?

    GSC don't charge a subscription fee for this service, however there is a fee for each of the returns boxes you purchase. The cost for these boxes start at £175, but can be cheaper if purchased in bulk. There are also "mini" freelancer sized boxes available for £94.00. To cover the cost of this service GSC suggest adding a "Green Fee" to your services of £1 or £2. Some salons call it an eco-fee or a sustainable fee, but either way, this extra charge covers all future costs of using this service. When surveyed the majority of clients will tell you they are more than happy to pay the extra charge. It’s also a great conversation starter for you to explain to your clients about all the great actions you’re taking with your salon waste.

    What else do Green Salon Collective offer?


    GSC teach salons that their sustainability is not defined solely by the products they use. Member salons are therefore educated on waste, energy and water consumption, food replacement tips, staff policies and social responsibilities. 


    Working with independent sustainability experts, GSC have partnered with The Liminality who are all about getting organisations over the threshold and in the door of true sustainability. Their new accreditation is the first of its type within sustainability that’s now available for all salon owners throughout the UK and Ireland.


    GSC member salons gain a huge point of difference over their local salon competitors. A recent poll of current members showed that each salon that joins GSC, gain on average, 3 new clients within the first 1-3 months.

    As a Salon Promotions or Neal & Wolf salon you can also get a 15% discount off the Green Salon Collective services using discount code SPL15 so you can become a sustainable salon for even less. Just click the link below to start your sustainably journey, or speak to your account manager.


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