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5 Steps To Improve Your Salon Business

As an ambitious salon owner, do you feel that you have been working around the clock but don’t know how to take your salon business to the next level?  We all have a limited amount of time every day, what more can you do?

If these questions resonate with you, you are certainly not alone.

This guide is written by a digital marketing professional and the founder of Salon Promotions Ltd., who has been working in the hair industry for more than 20 years. They distil all their experience in both fields to help you take your salon business to the next level in just 5 steps.

1. A Flag On The Online World 

If the only way people know about your salon is by walking past your shop, you definitely need to put a flag on the online world!  First things first, register yourself with Google Business and Bing Places for Business. If you have a logo, put it on, don’t be shy to upload exterior and interior photos of your salon as well, maybe even photos of your latest works? Don’t forget to invite customers to drop you a review online.


The next thing you can think about is to setup a very simple website. There are many easy to use web design apps out there, completely free with many templates to choose from. You can build a very cool looking website in an hour!


The last thing is social media. It is the most effective way to communicate with customers, something you simply cannot miss out! Besides setting up a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, have you joined your local business/leisure group? Have you signed yourself up to a professional group? Join the conversation with other businesses in the industry, get some ideas on how to mix and match different products to provide your unique service.



2. Tips On Communications – Social Media, Texts

Besides communicating with your customers in person, make sure you take the advantage of social media and text messages to reach out actively to your customers.

Design a competition and a promotion for an online exclusive offer to attract people to stay in touch. Make sure your social media account details are on your business/appointment card, explain to your customers the benefits of joining the group.

Don’t know how to use graphic design software to create beautiful post for social media? Check out the following free service; anyone can create a professional-looking layout in just a few clicks!


You may have been using texts already to send out appointment reminders, how about a birthday or seasonal message?



3. Awards

There are many awards out there for you to further boost your fame in the industry. Although many people think about the top of the range awards and can get discouraged by the scale of it, there are actually many great awards out there that you can certainly consider in a smaller scale or even awards in your area or the brands or service you provide.  Don’t be frustrated if you don’t receive a prize in the first go; we don’t always have to aim at the highest level. Even being shortlisted or becoming one of the finalists is an achievement you can show off on your website, social media and google business.



4. Campaigns

Have you been taking advantages on all the seasonal promotion campaigns during the year? A special Valentines and Christmas promotion, an event to celebrate the anniversary of your salon or even the appointment of your new stylist are all great opportunities to start a conversation with your customers.


5. Products

The most direct way to bring your salon to another level is undoubtedly adding another income channel by selling products.

With all your experience, you must have an arsenal of favourite haircare products. Why not share that with your clients? We are all searching desperately for that perfect hair product and we would love to hear from a professional like you for some ideas.  Which shampoo repairs bleach-damaged hair the best, which hairspray provides the best volume? You must have the answer.

Use the shampoo, conditioner and finishing products during your clients’ appointments. After finishing the style, don’t forget to provide tips on what your clients should do at home. After all, the hairstyle you created for them is your intellectual property, you have a say in how to keep your work intact in between appointments!

These 5 points will definitely help your salon business. We would love to hear from you about how they work for you.

Want To Learn Even More?

Salon Promotions is a one-of-a-kind business in the industry. Our team of representatives, educators and account managers provide personal service to help you to grow your business. We are the official distributors for brands including Alterna, Cloud Nine, Olaplex, ikoo, Neäl & Wølf  Kent.Salon, KeraStraight, Silky Colour, Nouvelle and Procare; brands that are carefully and exclusively selected for you.

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