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Covid-19 Update - Lockdown January 2021

Dear All,

I hope you had an enjoyable, although somewhat different, Christmas and New Year.

By now you will be aware that the Government has rolled out new Covid-19 restrictions, which sadly includes the closure of salons once again.  As always, I want to reassure you that our clients and colleagues are our number one priority, and we will do everything in our power to help support you all through this additional lockdown period.

We will remain operational in all departments throughout this period and have made many adjustments to ensure our staff can work safely and efficiently to support you on the phones, delivering orders, on-line education and on email.


  • Our Customer service team will maintain normal opening hours between 8.45am until 5.15pm – Monday to Friday on the usual number 01282 444900. You can also contact us on info@salonpromotions.co.uk or via our social media channels
  • Sales team booked appointments and meetings: Meetings with your sales consultant will continue to take place over the phone or via Zoom with you and your team. We are still here to support you and our team will be in touch to arrange this. You can also continue to use WhatApp, Messenger or email orders and queries so please do continue to communicate with us via these channels whilst our team are unable to personally visit you
  • Education and training: This will still take place however this will be via video conferencing, Zoom, Skype, face time, email, telephone, and social media. Our Education team will be in touch to arrange this. Please note: we expect demand for education to be high during this period and we will do our best to accommodate you where possible. We’ll also bring back our popular social media education sessions to keep you all busy and motivated during this lockdown period
  • Keeping in Touch: We will be keeping our website (www.salonpromotions.co.uk), social media channels and email newsletters up to date with all information regarding deliveries, education and support. If you have not done so already, please ensure you are following us on social media and sign-up to our emails


If you haven’t done so already I would encourage you to visit the Government website and find out if you are entitled to any additional grants and support - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus/business-support

I hope that this is the final time I will have to write a communication such as this, and that over the next few weeks the light at the end of this tunnel continues to grow brighter and we can prepare for a successful return to “normal life”!

Thank you for your continued love and support in these strange times, if we all stick together by staying apart, we will get through this!

Sending all the strength and love I can to you and your families. Wishing you a happy, and most importantly, a safe New Year from everyone at Salon Promotions.

Very Best Regards
Neil Capstick
Managing Director

Give your clients chance to win £1000 with Hot Tools + £500 for you!

Win £1000 with Hot Tools Win £1000 with Hot Tools

Give your clients chance to win £1000 when they buy any Hot Tools electrical from you this winter. All they have to do is:

  • Buy any of Hot Tools product from your salon between the 1st Oct 2020 to 10th January 2021
  • Go to: www.hottoolspromo.com and enter details
  • Upload proof of purchase

Purchases should be made by 10.01.21 and the deadline to enter online is the 31st Jan 2021. The winner will be randomly selected after 31st Jan 2021 and notify withing 28 days

And if that isn't exciting enough you can also win £500

Hot Tools will be giving away a £500 cash prize to the best Hot Tools display including point of sale. Treat your team to a post-Christmas party, spruce up your salon or invest in more stock - all on Hot Tools!
To enter take a photo of your stunning Hot Tools point of sale display and share them on your social media pages, ensuring your tag @hottoolsprouk
Funded and judged by Helen of Troy, administered by Salon Promotions.

If you need any further information please call the office on 01282 444 900, or send us an email info@salonpromotions.co.uk

Toning On The Correct Level – Inside the head of a Hairdresser Part 4

by Lyndsey - Salon Promotions Educator

Finally, the government has spoken - 4th of July Here we come (In England at least - hopefully Scotland and Wales will follow soon!)! After 14 long weeks, we are back in business.

These past 14 weeks has been an absolute roller-coaster. I haven’t had this amount of time off work since I had my girls, so it's been really strange, and amazing, all rolled into one. From struggling with the girls home schooling (which I’m ashamed to say is pretty much non existent at the moment) to motivating them to even get dressed. I’m actually dreading the reality of shortly having to be up, get ready and be out of the house before dinner time ?

Also renovating the house (thank goodness we now have a functioning kitchen, and I no longer have to cook tea on a camping stove on the living room floor)!

I also lost one of the most important people in my life, my amazing Grandma. Having to stay strong in front of the girls and not having the chance to have a duvet day, have a good old cry and feel sorry for myself.

Having said all that, I am so so grateful to have had these past 14 weeks at home with my family. To actually have the time to do some self development. To watch the stack of tutorials I’ve had lined up for months. To try to improve my baking skills ( and I have come to the conclusion that I will never be the next Mary Berry…. Sorry Grandma!) and just simply doing the things that you never actually have time to do, whilst leading a busy life.

For my last blog I wanted to write about the importance of toning on the correct level.

Last week we covered the lightening curve, colour wheel and choosing the correct strength of toner.

A reminder on Neal & Wolf Colour Hair Toners

  • 10.01, 10.02 & 10.89 - 1 part tone (a single shot of gin as we like to think of it)
  • 90.01, 90.02 & 90.73 - 2 part tone (double shot of gin)
  • 99.02 & 99.25 - 3 part tone (triple shot of gin)

The above toners/special mixes are for toning on your lighter levels. They contain no depth. I like to think of these as more of a tinted moisturiser. They are more sheer. But remember Neal & Wolf is a dual system, so anything can be made into a version of a demi. So if you are toning on a level 9 or below (remember your seesaw) you are going to need more of a full cover foundation than tinted moisturiser, so you need to be toning with the core range.

I once got shown a very simple diagram that has always stuck with me, so let me have a go at explaining it.

Let's say for example you have a regular client that, just like me, feels like she’s losing her marbles during lockdown, and fancied a change (I’ve only lost my marbles over Nancy’s school work). Whilst doing her weekly shop she bought herself a colour and is now enjoying her new life as a gorgeous brunette. She has now decided that she would really like a subtle balayage to break up the solid colour. She comes into the salon at the depth of a 5 and her inspiration picture has a soft balayage at a level 8.

I hope I can explain this well without being in front of you……

Depth 10 2 Pigments
Depth 9 4 Pigments
Depth 8 8 Pigments
Depth 7 16 Pigments
Depth 6 32 Pigments
Depth 5 64 Pigments

I visualise, that a depth of a 10 has 2 pigments. As go down throughout the depths, these pigments double.

Our lovely client is sat at level 5, so she currently has 64 warm (red/orange/yellow) pigments. We have lightened her hair to a level 8 and now has 8 yellow pigments.

If we choose a violet toner to neutralise the yellow on the depth of a 10 that only has the strength to neutralise 2 pigments, so we will not neutralise all those 8 pigments that we currently have at a level 8. You will still have 6 warm pigments presents, so it won’t be as cool as her picture and the warmth will start creeping through after a few washes. To fully neutralise you must tone on the same level you have lifted.

I hope that makes sense!

Whilst sat here typing, I did consider jotting down some different formulas for you all, but every client is different. Every head of hair is different. I hate to break it to you, but

There is not one magic formula that fixes all!

There is a very strong possibility that when we return to work on July 4th and we can finally get our hands on our client’s hair, we are going to come across some tricky hurdles. My one piece of advice would be to follow the steps, take your time and consider everything.

If your client has a few inches of regrowth then a warm band from where they have tried to lift their hair at home then a lovely clean blonde on the mid lengths and ends from their last salon visit, treat every section like it was a different head of hair. Lift the roots following the very first guidelines, then treat the warm band with something equally as strong to neutralise then then maybe something lovely and delicate to refresh them already light ends.

I am currently sat in my dining kitchen; we have stripped the walls which had years of build-up of wallpaper and paint and is now a complete rainbow of colours, and I thought ‘this is no different to colouring hair’. If I took one tin of paint right now and painted this full wall, would I get an even colour? And the answer is absolutely not. To get the look I want I need an even canvas to start with. It's exactly the same as colouring hair!

I know there is a lot of information to take in, but I’m hoping you find it useful and the thought of seeing what our amazing clients may or may not have done to their own hair isn’t as daunting ?

Please remember: If you need anything at all, we are always here for you and can’t wait to see you all again in salon.

Life After Lockdown - Inside the head of a Hairdresser

by Lyndsey - Salon Promotions Educator

As we start to think about life after lockdown, and with the possible date of 4th July finally getting closer (fingers crossed) I thought over the next few weeks I would write a little blog to cover some key points to consider when we are finally allowed back in salon, doing what we love most, and how to tackle them already 10+ weeks roots!

As with so many of the country, my life has changed so much over the past 10 weeks. In between renovating a house, watching my 8 year old do her 20th Tik Toc of the day and realising I can’t help my 10 year old as I have no idea how to subtract decimals with a different number of decimal places (God help me when she goes to high school next year and I truly believe teachers need a medal!) I managed to get 10 minutes to myself to drink a hot coffee ?

As I enjoy the silence, I got thinking…….

I ran my own amazing salon, and had a great team for over 8 years, and if I were still there now, how would we have dealt with the changes? So many questions ran through my head as I am sure it is the same for everybody. Questions like

  • What is the new "normal" going to be like?
  • How are we going to handle booking everyone back in?
  • What is the fairest way to book appointments?
  • Have my clients coloured their own hair?
  • Have they attempted a root touch up but done a full head and now I have a denser colour on the ends?
  • Have they picked the wrong shade and now have ‘glowing’ roots?
  • Have my blonde clients tried to lighten their roots and are now canary yellow?
  • How much banding am I going to have to deal with?
  • Have they been well behaved and not been tempted, but now have twice the regrowth as usual? (remember, some clients will have already gone 6 weeks and would have been due in the salon as Lockdown began, so their regrowth will currently stand at 16 weeks )

All these questions were running through my head, and I am certain I’m not the only one.

Miraculously, my daughters are getting along, practising their new online dance routine set by their amazing dance teacher, so I thought it would be a massive help to everyone to jot down some key points to consider over the next few weeks when tackling some issues we most certainly will come across are allowed back into salon.


Consultations are one of the most vital parts of the hairdressing service (now more than ever). You need to know exactly what your client has used (if they have given in and ran straight to Boots filled with dread at the thought of walking around the house for the past 10 weeks looking like Worzel Gummidge). There are so many factors that we need to consider. Remember, the consultation is where the magic happens. Its' where we can set expectations. It’s where your clients tell you what they would like the end result to be (remember, they’ve had 10 weeks at home. They have had the time to scroll through Instagram and Facebook and may now want a change. They may have coloured their own hair and might actually like the change. The most important bit….. it is where we find out if anything is going to jump up and surprise us during the colouring service.

Whenever myself and the rest of the amazing Salon Promotions education team are in salons, consultations are one of the biggest things we focus on, and we use the following guidelines:

  • ND – Deciding the hairs natural colour to access the natural undertone
  • % White – Helps us decide which brand to use
  • Texture – The diameter of a single strand of hair, generally referred to as thin, medium or coarse
  • Porosity – The hairs ability to maintain moisture. In normal hair, the cuticle scales overlap, but allow some moisture to penetrate the hair. In resistant hair a compact cuticle layer has tightly overlapped scales and repels moisture. With porous hair, the cuticle scales are raised and moisture passes easily into and out of the hair shaft.
  • Density – The density of hair is determined by the number of active hair follicles per square inch of the scalp, and determines how much colour we will need during the service.
  • Previous Colour – Super important! Our clients may have been with us years, but if they have tried to do their own hair during Lockdown, we need to know about it
  • Target Shade – What your clients want. Do they love what they’ve always had? Are they wanting a change?

I know when we return to work our new ‘normal’ is going to be different, but if we get this first part right, we’re on to a winner!

What’s next for hair care in 2020?

The hair care industry is fast-paced with customer needs and tastes constantly evolving. There's always a new innovative brand or product just round the corner, and salons that recognise these early can really benefit. With new year, and a new decade, fast approaching, here are our predictions for hair care trends in 2020.

Going Natural

Consumers are rapidly becoming more environmentally conscious, driven by the 'Attenborough Effect' following moving documentaries such as Blue Planet. Hair care products are no exception, and as this change in behaviour continues, so will the need for more sustainable and vegan-friendly products. Consumers are becoming more ethically aware of what ingredients are used in their hair products and brands using chemicals such as sulphates and parabens, are quickly becoming a taboo.

Clients will expect to be offered products that are safe from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free and sustainable for the environment, and salons should see this as an opportunity rather than a threat. Adopting the natural approach comes with a wealth of benefits for both clients and business, and salons should be progressing alongside this movement. Brands such as Neal & Wolf and Olaplex have already made sustainability a core part of their brand ethos.

Silvers & Golds

Hair colours never go out of style, but year on year we see new trends emerging. Rose gold has been a growing influence on the hair and beauty industry since Pantone chose it as the colour of the year back in 2016. We're sure rose gold hair will continue to see it grow in 2020 as more women dare to try a golden pink tint.

For a long time, grey hair was considered ‘dull’ or ‘ageing’ but 2019 saw popularity grow. Cooler, icy tones have also proven popular and we expect to see this trend continue through 2020 with more clients looking to build in lilac, silver and platinum tones too.

Balayage is another hair colour trend that has been incredibly popular and is now one of the most popular colour requests at salons today. We predict that this look will continue but with more clients looking to fade the natural tones out and add in a pop of colour. Pastel and copper tones are definitely set to hit the headlines this year.

Switch & Save Calculator

Return Of The Perm

Eighties perms and curls are ready to make a comeback next year, but with a sleek and modern twist. Unlike the eighties, perms no longer have to be tight, frizzy curls - they can be used to create volume and a natural wave too.

The effortless beach waves are a big look and more and more consumers are looking for ways to achieve this as an everyday look. Curls are definitely fashionable again and we’ll soon see more clients coming into salons looking for the modern-day curl treatment. Hot Tools curling tools are the perfect addition for any stylist wanting to create perfect curls every single time!

Turn Up The Volume

Volume is always on-trend and in 2020, we will see more clients on the hunt for voluminous cuts and styles. Big blow-dry’s, choppy cuts and volumising products will be on the rise as clients look to thicken their locks and embrace the big hair trend.

Achieving and maintaining this voluminous look can be challenging at home, so clients will be looking to purchase salon products they can trust whilst receiving their treatments.

How to plan the perfect salon event evening

There has never been a better time to plan a client evening at your salon. If planned well these salon events can really help you to generate new business and sell more products than ever before! Here are our top tips for planning the perfect salon event evening.

1. What's the reason for the salon event?

There are so many reasons to plan an event, from seasonal events like Christmas and New Year, new product launches or treatment demonstrations. Launching new products in your salon is always incredibly exciting, be sure you're prepared to answer any questions that your customers might have on the night.

2. Prepare your salon

Split your salon into different areas on the night, with at least one member of your team dedicated to each area. We've found the below split to be highly effective:

  • Straighten (Cloud Nine Irons, Hot Tools Evolve)
  • Curls & Volume (Hot Tools Curl Bars, Cloud Nine Curling Wands, Neal & Wolf Amplify)
  • Consultation Area
  • Troubleshooting

Also ensure that the salon is spotless; first impressions are everything!

3. Have a budget for the night

Make sure you know how much you can afford to spend on the event. You want to impress your clients, but you also need to make a profit. Prosecco on reception always goes down a treat!

4. Timing is everything

You know your clients best, but we've found that Tuesday evenings between 6pm and 8:30pm work well.

5. Stock up!

It might sound obvious, but make sure you have enough stock to cater for all of the potential buyers at your event. There's nothing worse than losing sales because you have sold out of a product.

6. Send out invites

Prepare your invitations and select who you want to invite. Invites can be sent by post, email, text, social media or handed out in the salon - don't limit yourself to one channel! Create some VIP invitations for 10 of your regular best clients and ask them to bring 10 friends that aren’t customers. Did you know clients are twice as likely to try a new hair treatment or product if friends or family members recommend it. Finally, Make sure you have permission to contact your customer list under GDPR rules.

7. Set goals and expectations with your team

What is your goal for the evening? Is it how many new clients you'll sign-up, or how many products you'll sell? Split the targets between your team and incentivize them to beat them! Normal expectations for 20 potential clients would be 10 to buy products, 5 to book appointment, and 5 to buy electrical products.

8. On the night

The night is where all your planning pays off. Great your visitors with drinks on arrival, talk about what's going on in the salon and highlight the different areas that are running. Some other ideas to make the night a success are:

  • Have a competition to win a prize – put raffle tickets under chairs or have a free draw you decide the prize
  • Offer a 10% discount on products and treatments
  • Show off your product knowledge, highlighting all the great reasons someone should buy something and try a new treatment
  • Don't forget to ask people for feedback when they're leaving. A feedback form that also captures marketing permissions is highly effective

After the event use social media to spread to the word of the winners from the raffle.

9. Rinse & Repeat

After the event make sure you spend some time reviewing what went well and what could have gone better. Did you achieve all of your goals? Did you stay within budget? and most of all, did you have fun? Use this information to plan your next event!

How can salons survive the changing high street?

It doesn't seem like a week goes by without hearing of another high street failure. The high street is changing, there's no doubt about it. But is it all doom and gloom? A recent study by Which magazine showed that whilst certain types of shop have been hit hard by customers moving towards online shopping, hair and beauty services have risen by 31% over the past 5 years.


  1. A move towards services and experiences
  2. Shopping with a conscience
  3. From clicks to bricks

A move towards services and experiences

One thing has become very clear; customers are no longer heading to the high street just to make a purchase. They are looking for personal services that can't be replicated online, and are looking for experiences that make them feel great rather than a transactional trip. This pivot towards services can be seen in other areas such as phone shops which are increasingly becoming a place to get repairs and advice. In order to succeed hair salons need to offer additional experiences that their customers are looking for, such as:

  • Olaplex hair treatments (standalone or part of a colour service)
  • Keratin treatments such as a KeraStraight
  • Personalised advice based on your clients hair
  • The perfect aftercare products
  • BONUS:A good cup of tea or coffee (you can't get this online!)

Shopping with a conscience

Another clear trend is the move towards more sustainable, eco-friendly products. More and more salons are benefiting by changing to brands with a conscience. Neal & Wolf have recently launched a sustainability campaign highlighting all of the good work they're doing to become a more sustainable brand including recyclable bottles and cruelty free ingredients. All Olaplex products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Other changes salons can embrace are:

  • Use Eco-Friendly Decor
  • Adopt Energy-Saving Practices and switch to a green energy supplier
  • Use locally sourced products (and consider how you can work with local businesses to cross-promote each other)
  • Replace backwash shower-heads with water saving versions
  • Switch from plastic bags to paper bags
  • Provide recycling bins; could you offer customers an incentive to recycle used bottles at your salon?

From clicks to bricks

Did you know the over 80% people looking for a service now start online? The growth of searches for "hairdressers near me" on Google have tripled in the last 4 years, mostly driven by mobile devices. Ensuring your target customers can find you online is now a critical part of running a salon. To get started make sure you have:

  • Claimed your Google My Business listing
  • Set up the main social media pages for your salon (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Add your business listing to local online directories as well as national directories such as Yell, Yelp and Cylex
  • Create your own website clearly stating your business name, address and phone number

Remember, consistency is key. It is important to ensure your information is the same across each platform as Google uses this rank your website in its' listings.

In summary, it certainly isn't all doom and gloom for the hair and beauty world. In fact this industry is booming because these services simply cannot be replicated online. By meeting customers eco-expectations, providing a world-class experience and ensuring your salon can found online, you should be in great shape to beat any high street downturn!

The Ultimate 10 Point-Plan For Maximum Salon Profit This Christmas

Q4 is one of the most exciting times for salons. Use this guide to PRE-SELL your Christmas gift packs BEFORE they come into your salon and boost your salon profit this year.


  1. E-Shots
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Photos
  6. In-Salon POS
  7. Pre-Order Forms
  8. Team Allocations
  9. Racetrack Incentives
  10. Competitions

1. E-Shots

Send an email to all of your customers, advertising the Christmas Packs. Sending professional, beautiful looking emails has never been easier. There are many browser-based email service providers out there to choose from. Most of these:

  • Require little or no coding skills
  • Have pay-as-you-go contracts
  • Are low cost, or even free if you don't have a big contact list
  • Provide comprehensive reports with information on who opened the email, or who clicked a link within it

Besides the busy Christmas period you should send regular e-shots throughout the year to keep in touch with your clients, and keep your salon at the front of their minds. Please ensure you have your clients consent to send them emails, and that you are complying with GDPR regulations.

Our Top Email Marketing Providers:

  • Klaviyo
  • Hubspot
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Sendinblue.com
  • getresponse.com

Boost Salon Profit with e shots  Salon Promotions Christmas Cloud Nine e shot  Salon Promotions Christmas Neal & Wolf e shot

2. Facebook

Social media is a must! We are all doing it but how can we stand out from the crowd? Our top tip for all channels is to think about what your audience wants to know, NOT what you want to tell them.

Some of our top-tips for making your Salon stand out on Facebook are:

  • Don't stick to just one type of content. Your own images are fantastic, but you should also share other relevant content, polls, top-tips, funny memes and anything else you think your audience would enjoy. Why not create a poll and ask your audience what they're most interested in seeing?
  • Use Facebook Insights to analyse your content. See which posts are generating the most likes and biggest reach, and provide more of this content
  • Test your timing; use Facebook insights to determine when your audience is most engaged and share your content to reach them when they're online
  • Boost your best posts with Facebook Ads. Your organic posts will often only reach 5% of your audience so when you have something to really shout about consider boosting your post for maximum reach

Salon Promotions Olaplex Facebook post Salon Promotions Neal & Wolf Facebook postSalon Promotions Alterna Facebook post

3. Twitter

Twitter is a fast-moving platform. The life of a Tweet is about four times shorter than a Facebook post. This makes it very hard to get your message to stick. The shelf life of one tweet is four times shorter than anything you post on Facebook. This makes it hard to get your messages to stick and make an impact. Some of our top-tips for making your Salon stand out on Twitter are:

  • Tweet during peak hours and use scheduling tools to plan your Tweets in advance
  • Keep hashtag use to a minimum and use the right ones
  • Add images to your Tweets to get more reach and retweets. Videos get even more reach on Twitter
  • Ask your users to retweet your posts

4. Instagram

Imagery is everything on Instagram, the whole platform is built around sharing beautiful content. Instagram now has the same reach as Facebook, and even higher engagement so make the most of this rapidly growing network. Some of our top-tips for making your Salon stand out on Instagram are:

  • Focus on high-quality, stand out images
  • Ask your audience to tag their friends in posts
  • Contests, Product teasers and behind the scenes shots work extremely well on Instagram
  • Use the right hashtags to maximise your reach

Salon Promotions Instagram Post Example Salon Promotions Instagram Post Example

5. Photos

Everyone has heard the expression "A Picture Says a Thousand Words", and in the age of social media this has never been more true. Posts with photos on Facebook reach twice as many people than posts with just text, and platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest were built purely for imagery. Professional and beautiful images are the key to capturing attention. You don't need to be a professional photographer to grab peoples' attention. Most modern smartphones are more than capable of taking glorious, high definition images that your followers will love.

Some of our top-tips for Instagramable Salon shots are:

  • Get the lighting right; back-lighting hair creates a dramatic effect, whereas ambient natural light is great for showing off bright colours
  • Focus on flattering angles; nobody likes a mug shot
  • Remove any distractions or irrelevant items in the background of your photo. There's nothing worse than creating a killer shot only to spot a crumpled can of diet coke in the background
  • Avoid heavy use of filters or Photoshopping; let your creations speak for themselves

6. In Salon POS

At Salon Promotions we always pride ourselves in providing excellent in-salon marketing support. Besides incentive racetracks and guides like this one to help you sell more products, we also provide posters, tend cards, A6 Product Booklets, postcards, mirror stickers and anything else you can think of. Better still, we can offer most POS for FREE as part of a deal.

In addition to product POS you should dress-up your salon with Christmas props. Create the right mood and atmosphere which will help you to sell the Christmas packs. The golden time to dress-up your salon is right after Halloween, but be prepared to start talking about Christmas gifts at the start of October which is when many consumers start thinking about buying presents.

Neal & Wolf POS Tent Card Neal & Wolf POS Booklet Hot Tools POS Poster Neal & Wolf POS Poster

7. Pre-order Forms

From our years of experience in Q4, we find that the Christmas pre-sell form is a very powerful tool to help you sell. The form should be quite self-explanatory; make sure you use it everyday by making a note of what your customers want to pre-order.

Pre Order Form

8. Team Allocations

Allocate a number of each Christmas pack to each of your team to sell. Make it more fun by using the racetrack idea below and a prize to motivate them to sell. Make this a fun competition where everyone is a winner. Imagine how much extra salon profit you could generate if each member of your team sold an extra 5 packs each.

9. Racetrack Incentives

Create a poster, or use one our existing ones below, asking your team to write their name in a box each time they sell a particular Christmas Gift Set. Every-time a stylist hits a certain number of sales they can be given a prize by the salon owner. You could then offer incentives for most sales by the end of Q4, runner up prizes and prizes for most sold of a particular gift set.

Racetrack Salon Competition Hot Tools Racetrack Salon Competition

10. Competitions

An easy way to stand out from the crowd on social media during Christmas is to hold a competition online. Keep the competition simple, with easy to follow rules and a clear closing date. Don't forget to take the chance to introduce the Christmas packs to your audience.

Happy Selling

Christmas Gift Sets for Salons

KeraStraight Online Tutorial with Laura

Watch this KeraStraight Online Tutorial by Laura Elliot, Salon Promotions Education Manager. 

New Education Brochure

We are very excited to release our new 2019 Education Brochure.
Please download the brochure here:

Education Brochure 2019

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