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Explore the new Restore additions to the Alterna Canvas range which are made with the finest ingredients including White Charcoal, Vegan Botanical Caviar and Micellar Technology, this new bundle includes;


x6 Meltaway No Rinse Micellar Cleanser 

x6 Cool Hydrations Nourishing Masque 

x6 Glow Crazy Shine Booster 

x6 Jelly Fix Repair Booster 


Receive Free:

x1 Meltaway No Rinse Micellar Cleanser 

x1 Cool Hydrations Nourishing Masque 

x1 Glow Crazy Shine Booster 

x1 Jelly Fix Repair Booster 

x1 Canvas A5 Tent Cards (set of 4)

x1 Canvas Mirror Stickers (Set of 4)

x1 Canvas Shop Window POS

x1 Canvas Restore Rituals & Meltaway A1 Poster

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