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Silky Colour Swatches
Silky Colour Swatches
100 shades of colour available

Silky Colouration Cream

Quick Overview

COLORATION CREAM. Coloration substances of the highest purity + blend of select cosmetic substances + active elements .

Result: intense color, strong and bright hair.

Plus: faithfulness of tones, brightness and vibrancy of color, stability over time.

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Cream colouration that, with the balanced synergy of its active elements, combines: colouring substances of the maximum degree of purity (percentage of purity beyond 99%) with a highly selected cosmetic substances that assure a complete treatment, protecting the hair and leaving it strong and bright. Tone faithfulness. Brilliant and vibrant colours. Stability with time. Uniform coverage.

Silky Colouration Cream Features


Mix all shades with Silky Oxygen mix thoroughly with a brush until smooth. Please contact us for education and technical support.